The basic truth about weight loss is that you have to burn more calories than what you consume. Here are some activities that burn the maximum calories and can lead to rapid weight loss and help you improve your fitness levels.

The good news is that you do not have to spend all your time at the gym sweating it out to get rid of the excess calories. Your day may be crammed with commitments-college, work, errands, child care, house cleaning, but that does not have to mean that you cannot get a good workout.

Burning Calories with Everyday Activities

Gardening – Just a couple of hours of digging, plucking out weeds and watering your plants can help you to lose over 600 calories.

Shopping – Not many know this, but shopping can be pretty demanding and cause you to lose as much as 250 calories per hour. While shopping may not be good news for your pocket, but you can burn up to 200 calories just by pushing your shopping cart around.

Lawn mowing – This is one of the best weight loss methods. Every hour that you spend on the upkeep of your lawn you end up losing as much as 300 calories.

Sleeping – Make sure to get your daily quota of sleep because this is another every day activity that helps burn off calories. Resting for 8 hours every day can help you to shed around 350 calories. Also, when you are well rested, it enables your body to function more efficiently, helping you lose even more calories.

Cleaning – Washing your windows or your car, or reorganizing the furniture in your house can be a great full body workout that can help you burn 300-400 calories. It can be one of the excellent weight loss methods.

Cooking – Standing and cooking in the kitchen may seem pretty sedentary but an hour of it can help you get rid of almost 100 calories. Each time you cook your meal, you are doing a whole lot of good to yourself in every way.

Climbing the stairs- Walking up the stairs burns plenty of calories as it needs more energy and quite a lot of muscle work to push yourself up the steps. If you are looking for rapid weight loss, it is always a great idea to take the stairs instead of the lift.

Walking–This is a great fast weight loss method. Walking from one place to another does help in burning calories. You can maximize the benefits of moving your arms and legs more as you walk. Opt for walking instead of taking the bus.

Burning Calories

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Here are some other activities where you can lose significant calories.

* Standing (60 minutes) – 66 calories
* Studying (60 minutes) – 108 calories
* Reading (60 minutes) – 60 calories
* Sitting/resting (60 minutes) – 62 calories
* Washing dishes (60 minutes) – 132 calories
* Driving (60 minutes) – 124 calories
* Packing a suitcase (60 minutes) – 124 calories
* Showering (60 minutes) – 248 calories
* Ironing (60 minutes) – 132 calories
* Pushing a stroller with child (60 minutes) – 156 calories
* Mopping (60 minutes) – 198 calories
* Playing a board game (60 minutes) – 93 calories
* Housework (60 minutes) – 280 calories
* Carrying an infant (60 minutes) – 218 calories

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Every day you are burning a lot of calories. The total number of calories that you burn depends upon your lifestyle and the various activities that you are engaged in. Although your body loses a lot of calories through these everyday chores, for rapid weight loss, it is essential to do some physical exercises too for at least 30 minutes every day. The calories burnt through daily activities should not be considered a substitute for a good workout.

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