You may have observed how mothers are adamant when it comes to feeding family members with a healthy morning meal. Not just mothers, but even grandmothers, fitness trainers, gym instructors, and fitness magazines will speak about the importance of breakfast. Why is it so essential?

Imagine yourself to be a car that needs to head on a long drive throughout the day. After hours of sleep at night, the fuel tank gets empty. It requires refilling. Breakfast is the much-needed energy or fuel that the engine would need. And this is a must to keep you going at least until lunch time. Or else, you wouldn’t have the stamina to work, and would be lethargic and weak. Skipping breakfast has to be avoided, especially in today’s hectic lives. Read further to understand why this meal of the day is considered to be a life savior.

healthy breakfast

  • The myth of weight control

There is a common notion that skipping breakfast can help control weight. The more you starve, the more you could lose weight. But this mindset is completely wrong. On the contrary, a study reveals that avoiding breakfast makes you hungrier for the next meal. You end up hogging more food at lunch if you skip breakfast. Most calories burnt by your body are those that are consumed at breakfast. Different researchers have generated various results. Some claim that eating breakfast promotes weight loss while others say that it increases obesity. Truth is that eating breakfast (or not eating breakfast) and obesity is correlated with each other.

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  • The innumerable health benefits of breakfast

One must understand the importance of consuming a nutritious breakfast. It provides calories and nutrients such as calcium, vitamin B, iron, proteins and fiber that will keep you active throughout the day. If these essential nutrients are avoided in the beginning, they will less likely be compensated at the later time of the day. Skipping breakfast means craving for junk and fatty food before lunch. This leads to high sugar and the risk of borderline diabetes. Breakfast helps restore glucose levels in the body. It improves memory and concentration. It also works on reducing stress and improving emotional stability. In fact, research proves that having a large and healthy breakfast boosts a child’s academic and extra-curricular performance. This improves their wellbeing and logical thinking power.

  • Improves overall health in the long-term

Everyone needs a steady dose of energy to kick-start their day. Stamina levels will depend on the type of activities you perform. Growing children would require around 1970-1740 kcal a day while an adult would need 2000-2500 kcal per day to stay energetic and fit. Parents should maintain good breakfast habits for their children as well as for themselves. This is crucial as its effects last for a lifetime. It is understandable that people have their priorities in the morning be it school, college, office, etc. However, skipping breakfast could be a huge crime for your body. You are depriving your body of its requisite fuel. Even if you feel you are running short of time, keep in mind the importance of breakfast and make sure you consume it. This will make your mind and body more efficient while performing tasks.

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  • Start off with better nutrition

Consumption of whole grain breads, cereals, fruits, milk, yogurt, and eggs acts as healthy breakfast options for your body. Vegetable sandwiches, toasted waffles, and low-fat milk are beneficial and a vital combination of taste and nourishment. For those who are habituated to skipping breakfast, they may find it challenging to consume breakfast initially. The importance of breakfast goes beyond just physical needs. If you remain starved in the morning, you are more likely to make unhealthy choices and crave for oily, spicy, and junk food. Psychologically you know for sure that your day has started off on a healthy note, and you can perform all tasks with ease. Regardless of whether you are eating healthy food in the hours of the day, you are aware that you have munched on the necessary nutrients at the beginning. Mixing a variety of vegetables with proteins and carbohydrates will punch in the right amount of energy at the start of your day. Try experimenting with flavored cereals and oatmeal.

  • Health risks associated with skipping breakfast

The glycogen level in the body starts to deplete during the day. Lack of it reduces the focus and ability to think and solve problems. The importance of breakfast can be related to solving health problems like obesity, high blood pressure, diabetes, cardiovascular diseases, and metabolic syndromes. In order to stay fit for many years to come, it is vital to absorb a daily intake of the right nutrients at breakfast.

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  • The things you need to remember

Before you think that breakfast is a compulsion, there are diverse factors that you must keep in mind. Remember that you are unique. So, if someone else thrives on breakfast and skips the rest of the meals, do not try the same. Understand your body requirements. Try to figure out if eating a substantial breakfast makes you feel energetic or lethargic. Your body works as the best evidence when it comes to making the right decisions for health. Grasp the cues and responses your body generates post the consumption of early morning breakfast. Observe yourself for the first few weeks, and then decide accordingly. Try different breakfast types. Instead of sticking to a single pattern of food source, experiment with your diet. If carbohydrates and healthy fats are not giving you the required energy, switch to a breakfast full of proteins. Or else, try balancing nutrients in different proportions as per your system’s digestion capability. Stick to fundamental eating habits. Avoid force-feeding yourself. In the beginning, try smaller quantities of food. Focus on the food, chew your food slowly and pay attention to how you feel. If you start to notice a discrepancy in your health, and you feel you are moving in the right direction, then continue with the same meal pattern.

After all, it is about being healthy and avoiding sicknesses. Consume healthy breakfast that will keep you fit and fight illnesses. Skipping breakfast would do no good and harm your health in the longer run. Eat breakfast like a king, lunch like a prince, and dinner like a pauper.

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