Burn Calories

There are good habits, there are bad habits and then there are the common habits. Everyone has them and everyone acts upon them. Unknowingly you pile on extra calories every day and put on weight faster than you recognize. Here’s a list of common habits which has been slowly adding more calories to your diet, which you can avoid by simply mending what you are doing wrong.

Break up with ‘Break up’ food

Ever wondered, when you break up and eat yourself to depression. Noticed, how you put on weight when getting over an ex? Yes it does happen and it’s wrong. Substituting comfort food for love will not change anything. If you feel sad, talk to a friend, read a book, dance madly to your favorite songs or shout your lungs out, but don’t eat!

Friends, Bar and the JAR

Limit yourself to one or two drinks maximum. Overflowing drinks and frequent visits to the bar can lead to gaining tons of weight before you start to realize it’s too much.

Don’t stay awake till the wee hours of morning

Sitting to work after dinner, completing your assignments late and feeling hungry after having utilized your heart, soul and energy in the project, don’t snack your way through the night! This is the most common mistake that people make while not noticing that late night snacks can stack on unwanted calories apart from your daily intake. Limit yourself to eating half a biscuit or a fruit instead of an additional dinner at night.

Eating meals while watching television

You will never be satisfied with your food intake as long as you sit in front of the “idiot box” and eat. Having your food slowly and carefully, ensures you feel full after a few portions, but eating away while watching your loved show will not make you realize how much you intake. Eat a healthy amount of food and be satisfied.

Never do the Skip, Hop and Jump to your meals

Never miss a meal. Missing one meal leads to the realization that you didn’t eat your last meal and lets you to eat to your heart’s content all together. Limit the skip hop and jump to the game and not to your meals. It slows metabolism and creates digestion problems.

Flavored Yogurt

By all means, never fall for the yogurt that comes in any color except white! Having plain yogurt is very healthy and it can be substituted for an evening snack as well. However, flavored yogurt contains sugar, fat and many more calories that you can imagine.

Always say no to free food

Free foods, free alcohol and a free ride home back are at times perilous to the human body. People tend to gobble away without realizing their intake and if it’s a free ride, they can avoid altogether walking their way home. Free parties and buffets are a dangerous territory and they should not be crossed. Set up a boundary for yourself to free food or booze parties and walk as much as possible.

Fried and packaged food

Yummy to taste but it’s always a waste; such is the essence of fried and packaged foods. They taste amazing and leave their after effects on your body. Avoid fried and packaged foods as much as possible. Try and eating fresh food that keeps you healthy and fresh. It also prevents you from gaining pounds and keeps your metabolism under control.

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