Spring: A Season of Health

With spring break around the corner, you just want to celebrate by breaking free. You want to break free from your monotony at school and college and try something you’ve never tried before. Travelling is on the top of the agenda for many. While that may be a great plan, it has to be done carefully. For those staying home, you want to ensure that you religiously maintain a healthy lifestyle and do not danger your or other people’s lives by indulging in dangerous activities.

Eat right: It is very tempting to just forget about the routine and just eat the first thing that comes your way. Binge eating, emotional eating, and overeating in a drunken state of mind are some of the ways you destroy your body. Eating right will ensure that you not only look great, but feel great too. This is the time for you to get healthy and face all your troubles. If you wish to lose weight and completely change your look, check the Internet and explore the different diets for weight loss and weight loss drugs to help you lose weight efficiently. If you suffer from allergies, find the various allergy relief methods and antibiotic drugs.

Limit Alcohol: Like eating, there are chances that you will go all out with your drinking, as well. Your previously weekend-only parties will become an everyday thing. While it is okay to let go and have fun, drinking excessively is not good for the health. Also, alcohol is capable of impairing both your vision and your judgment, so there is no way you should drive under the influence.

Get Stronger: While it is very tempting to slouch on the couch and spend your glorious spring break in front of the television, eating and drinking, in the end it is not going to be rewarding in any way. Instead, you could use this time to work on your body. You could start your transformation journey by engaging in sports activity or joining a gym.

Kick the butt: Remember how you always wanted to quit smoking but never had the time to commit to the cause. Wouldn’t now be the perfect time to detoxify your body and gather all your will power so you can resist the call of nicotine?

The sun and water: Whil stepping out, remember to drink and carry lots of water. Applying sunscreen will protect your sin from damage caused by harmful UV rays.

Practice safe sex: The best way to absolutely prevent pregnancy and sexually transmitted diseases is by practicing safe sex. Make sure that you always use contraceptives such as latex condoms. Engage in sexual activities only with a monogamous, sexually-safe partner.


With Spring break on its way, you can help but plan to just get out there and explore the world like you’ve always wanted to. While that is a great plan, you want to take it one step at a time. Be sure to remember a few things before you go out into an unexplored land, or even for that matter a familiar holiday destination abroad. There are some safety precautions you must follow.

Plan well: Planning well is the first step toward ensuring that you have a fantastic trip. The first thing you need to do, if you are traveling in a foreign country is get all your documents in order. You might also want to invest in travel insurance. You should also find out a bit more about the country, the language and about some basic country codes followed.

Safety measures: You need to follow a set of safety measures when you are traveling:

  • Get vaccinated: You will need to check with a travel medicine specialist and local health department six to eight weeks before embarking on your journey, especially if you are dependent on certain medications. For instance if it is the flu season, then you will have to talk to your doctor about getting a flu shot.
  • Eating habits: As tempted you will be to try out new dishes and feast on spicy or cheese-filled delicacies, moderate your indulgence. You might not know the amount of bacteria what you eat may carry. To be on the safer side, always choose food stuffs that are steaming hot over anything else.
  • Don’t drink tap water: While it may be a normal in America to drink from the taps, the same cannot be said about other countries. To be on the safer side, it is recommended that you stay away from tap or well water, ice made from tap water, fountain drinks, as well as drinks made with tap water. For this reason, invest in bottled water and check if the seal is not broken before buying.
  • Swim in the right places: Before you jump into an unexplored lake territory, know about the water depth, bacterial contamination and other dangerous possibilities as corals and dangerous animals.

Get adventurous, but be safe

As much as you want to bring out your inner Columbus, you must take some precautions. Don’t risk going to areas that are deemed very dangerous. When traveling, preferably travel in groups. If you wish to travel alone, make sure you know what you are getting yourself into before you plan on exploring.

Spring breaks are always fun and exciting times. Once proper planning is done, the proper precautions taken, and you know you are doing things in the right spirit- it will be a fulfilling and rejuvenating experience.

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