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5 Reasons Why a Male Fertility May Be Suffering?

Infertility is not considered as a problem faced by only women, but numerous clinical researches revealed that many men are equally responsible for being infertile. In the contemporary society, lifestyle plays a significant role in determining how fertile one is. According to the experts, here are some factors controlling male fertility.

Alcohol can lead to Erectile Dysfunction or Impotence

Are you a heavy drinker and tagged to be an alcoholic? Then you are putting your sex life at a high risk. Experts have found that the effects of alcohol suppress your sexual desire over a period. You may feel excited after booze but it’s not healthy in the long term and you could become a victim of erectile dysfunction. Those who are looking for the erectile dysfunction medication have to deal with alcoholism first.

Man's Guide to Look & Feel Younger

Man’s Guide to Look & Feel Younger

The concept of ‘looking younger’ is most often associated with women, but it doesn’t mean that men don’t think about ‘looking younger, they too want to take steps to hide the effects of aging. Whether you are trying to look better for work, want to impress a lady or feel better about yourself, simple changes to your daily routine can help you look and feel younger.

Top 5 health hazards for men

Top 5 health hazards for men

In today’s changing era, with the boom of different health issues, males face several health related problems as they get older. This is a high time that men should start taking care of their body and make their lifestyle healthy enough to be able to fight health issues. Infertility, cardivascular diseases, cancers and Depression are the most common challenges faced by men today. 

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