Can Erectile Dysfunction Double the Risk of Heart Disease?

If you are among those 30 million Americans who suffer from erectile dysfunction or ED, you might be dealing with relationship issues. But did you ever wonder what your cardiovascular health is involved too? Erectile dysfunction signifies a larger cardiovascular threat; it can actually be an early indicator of heart disease. Read further to know the connection between ED and heart disease.  

According to research studies, about 30% of men all around the world between the age of 40 and 70 suffer from erection disorder. From nerve problems with low levels of testosterone (a male hormone), several factors can affect your erectile function. Stress, depression, and certain medications can also contribute to this sexual condition. Yet, you might be surprised to know that atherosclerosis (a condition, where arteries become narrowed due to plaque buildup in the artery wall) is the main culprit. The condition has a direct impact on your heart. So if you are facing trouble getting an erection, getting a heart checkup might be the answer.

The link between ED & Heart Disease

If a patient has atherosclerosis, the blood vessels can’t dilate properly, making it difficult for blood to flow through. The condition is characterized by cholesterol build up along the walls of the blood vessels to the formation of plaque.  This cause the narrowing of the blood vessels which slow down the blood flow. The male reproductive organ has smaller arteries, which are the first to plug up. This causes reduced blood flow in the penis making it difficult to achieve an erection. Moreover, when the blood flow is completely blocked, a heart attack can occur.

For men, an erection problem may be a predictor of heart disease. Heart disease is the major cause of death for both men and women, but the risk factors and symptoms are different for both the sexes. The risk factors that are known to be more pronounced in women than in men include emotional stress, imbalanced hormones, birth control pills, and depression. On the other hand, for men, the common risk factors for heart disease are obesity, smoking, high blood pressure, metabolic syndrome, and smoking. Erectile dysfunction is also included in the common risk factors of heart disease. The sexual condition affects as many as 25% of all men under the age of 40 years.

Risk factor for ED and Heart Disease

Many researchers have studied erectile dysfunction as an independent risk factor for heart disease in men. The investigated the connection between erectile dysfunction and heart health in men. The study found that ED puts men at double the risk of heart diseases such as cardiac arrest, stroke, heart attack, and sudden cardiac arrest.  It revealed that ED is a predictor of cardiovascular risk.

According to a recent study in men who were age 45 and older, even a mild case of ED is a warning sign for heart disease. Men who are suffering from the erection issue are two times more likely to be hospitalized for a heart problem and die from heart disease as compared to men without ED.  The younger you are when you develop erection problem, the more likely is that it signals a risk of heart disorder. Age is also a common risk factor. Men under 50 years of age are especially at high risk. ED is much less likely to be an indicator of heart disease in men older than 70 years of age.

Treat Erectile Dysfunction caused by Heart Disease

If you are suffering from ED and may be at his risk of developing heart disease, make the following lifestyle changes to protect your heart health and help restore your erectile function.

  • Exercise regularly for at least thirty minutes a day.
  • Reduce sodium content in your diet
  • Include heart-healthy fats in your diets such as nuts, plant oils, and avocados.
  • Lose extra pounds
  • Include meditation or yoga in your daily routine to get rid of stress

Discuss with your health care specialist if you have erectile dysfunction. Ask him about Kamagra oral jelly, which is an effective remedy to help you restore erectile dysfunction. It is not safe to take certain medications together, especially nitrates with many of the ED medications including Kamagra oral jelly.

Most men try to avoid seeing their health care specialist when they trouble to get and achieve an erection, they struggle in the bedroom while making love, but they do not seek help to avoid embarrassment. This is a great opportunity to identify otherwise undetected high-risk cases of heart appears.

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