If you have lost the craze of jumping into the bed with your partner, then low testosterone levels is the reason why you are losing your sex drive. Here are some ways for you to get back in the mood again.

Testosterone is the main male sex hormone. It gives a man his features and is the force behind his sex drive. During puberty, it helps a man in building muscles, growing chest hair, deepening of voice and boosting the size of the penis and testicles. In adulthood, it helps in building strong bones and muscles and maintains his interest in sex and related activities. After 30 years of age, men experience less desire for sex. This is associated with increasing age but the real cause is low testosterone levels. There is a gradual decrease in testosterone levels with advancement in age.5 Ways to Get in the Mood Again

How low testosterone is too low?

The normal range for testosterone is from about 300 nanograms per decilitre (ng/dl) to 800 ng/dl. A lower than normal score can be attributed to various causative factors. These include injury to the testicles, hormonal disorders, testicular cancer or treatment for testicular cancer, infections, HIV/AIDS, chronic liver diseases, kidney diseases, type 2 diabetes and obesity.

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Some medications and genetic conditions can also contribute in having a low testosterone score. Low testosterone levels decrease bone density and result in making the bones more fragile and at high risk of breaks. Some men don’t show symptoms, however, they are advised to go for treatment.

Low Testosterone Treatment
You can regain the normal testosterone levels. Here are some ways to increase low testosterone levels and get your groove back.

Get sound sleep
Sleep helps your body in producing more testosterone as this is the time when your body’s productivity is the highest. Take sound and uninterrupted sleep at night. By enhancing the quality of your sleep you can enhance other activities in the bed. Keep your sleeping space dark, cool and inviting for both sleep and sex. Show your creativity. You can add candles; music and textures that let you set a sexy mood but also help in getting sound sleep.

Eat a Mediterranean Diet
A Mediterranean diet is a healthy one as its low in fats and calories and high in protein. It is an effective low testosterone treatment as it improves testosterone and sexual desire. The Mediterranean diet comprises of fruits, vegetables, whole grains, plenty of fish, healthy fats such as olive oil etc. Mediterranean diet is also beneficial in weight reduction.

Work Out
Exercise is helpful to the body in every way. Exercise helps in elevating low testosterone levels and boosts libido or sex drive. It keeps the heart healthy and manages the weight of the body. Male sexuality is closely related to heart health. Erection of penis depends on the health of the heart. Difficulty in achieving or maintaining erections can be a warning sign of heart disease. This may lead to the occurrence of a coronary artery disease in the next two to five years.

Take Ginseng
Ginseng is a plant. It belongs to the family of ‘Ginseng’. It is said to be effective for improving cognition, mood, immunity, testosterone levels, erectile dysfunction and exercise. It can help you enhance your sexual function and libido.

Fight bad habits
Don’t drink too much alcohol and caffeinated drinks. Quit smoking cigarettes and avoid second-hand smoke. They add up to lowering the sexual drive and may lead to infertility. Drink moderately, if at all; and give up caffeine after midday to enhance your sex life as well as your sleep.

Testosterone injections are an effective and quick low testosterone treatment. They are the best option in case low testosterone levels are becoming a problem for a couple to conceive. They are injected once a week for few weeks. They stimulate sperm production and motility, thereby, enhancing fertility.

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If fertility is not an issue, daily gel or patches are the ideal solutions. They are to be applied regularly and frequently. They are easy to use and very effective. They keep testosterone at a steady level and reduce the symptoms.

Implants are also available. They are in the form of pellets. They are placed under the skin of the buttocks, where they steadily release testosterone for three to four months.

Loss of sexual drive in males is associated with low testosterone levels. Lowering of testosterone may be due to injury, testicular cancer, medications, liver or kidney diseases, genetic etc. However, these 5 ways to elevate your testosterone levels are helpful in getting you back in the mood.

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