In today’s changing era, with the boom of different health issues, males face several health related problems as they get older. This is a high time that men should start taking care of their body and make their lifestyle healthy enough to be able to fight health issues. Infertility, cardivascular diseases, cancers and Depression are the most common challenges faced by men today. 

Our hectic lifestyle and improper diet is one of the major reasons that should be blamed for the same. Here is a small peek into the common five health hazards faced by different men all over the world:

Top 5 health hazards for men

  • Heart health problems: according to American Heart Association more than one in three adult men faces some or the other kind of cardiovascular diseases. The most common heart problems are found in African-American men. Heart diseases are one of the most common heart issues that can be fatal enough to cause deadly complications. High BP is most commonly found in the males below 45 years of age cardiovascular disease also go uncontrolled if our cholesterol, blood pressure, and smoking habits are also kept out of our control.

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  • Respiratory diseases and COPD: it is yet another common men’s health problem. Many people all over the world suffer from the deadly copd disease and most of them are males as they are more exposed to occupational hazards and smoking too in comparison to females. Every year more and more men suffer from high risks of dying due to lung problems. Lung cancer is among the most common cancers faced by people.
  • Alcoholism or addiction to alcohol: It is yet another issue faced by many men out there. According to reports given by CDC or Centre for disease control and prevention, the rate of alcohol-related deaths are more common in men as compared to women. The consumption of increased amount of alcohol leads to mouth, throat, esophagus, liver, and colon cancer. It is also one of the major reasons for infertility or impotence in males. So, to get rid of the alcohol addiction is one of the foremost Men health tips.
  • Suicidal feeling and depression: Many males often combat depression as well as suicidal feelings both at the same time. Research done by National Institute of men health suggests that at least 6 million men all over the world suffer from depressive disorders. In order to get rid of the depressive feelings, one need to apply some of the techniques to combat it by getting regular exercise, going for routine walks, communicating with friends and family, etc.  In extreme conditions, a person must never hesitate to seek professional help too.
  • Diabetes: It is one such health problem that can lead to the severe damage to many other organs of the body like kidney, heart, and vision, in case if it is left untreated or uncontrolled. Diabetes is very harmful to the patient as it is incurable. In males, severe cases of diabetes can lead to depression, impotence and anxiety disorder.  One of the best techniques to control diabetes is by taking regular exercise and eating a healthy diet, less in carbohydrates.

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These are just a number of health problems faced by men, the list is very long, but you must not get worried. One can easily stay away from these health devils by leading a healthy life and eating a healthy diet. In case you don’t feel that your diet is able to give you the necessary supply of nutrients then you can always take men’s health supplements after a proper prescription from your doctor.

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