What Men Really Feel About Sex

An open discussion on sex is still taboo in our society and people, in general, are not very comfortable talking about it. Different people have different opinions on sex education and its benefits, largely limited to books and academic discourses. Are you ignorant of the beneficial effects of sex? If yes, you are missing an important aspect of a healthy relationship. Most of the men like to keep it secret and hesitate to discuss their feelings for sex.

Beware of Sex Benefits:

Sex is not just a pleasurable intimate play but also a mean to console your senses and bring peace of mind and body. The perks of a healthy sex are not limited to bed, but they extend to your entire activities in some ways. For example, sex is helpful in the men’s health medication and facilitates a healthy bonding with their partners. The benefits of sex are not limited to the fantasy feeling in the bed but improving the overall health. Sex experts strongly believe that sex therapy has magical effects on both men and women but they often miss that due to the lack of proper knowledge and social restrictions. It is not a good scenario; you consult a sex therapist or a book but should know how to live a healthy sex life.

When it comes to the benefits of sex, you might wonder to know that they are as powerful and effective as the men’s health medication itself. It has positive effects to boost your overall health. Some most popular beneficial effects of sex can be realized with:

  • Improvement of the immune system
  • Reduction in anxiety
  • Healing of body pain
  • Peaceful sleep
  • Boost in libido
  • Control over blood pressure
  • Lowering the risk of heart attack
  • Relieving stress
  • Burning extra calories
  • Maintaining healthy relationship
  • Looking younger

Men do not like to douse sex desire:

The women’s desire for sex is largely provoked by their emotional connection, which is probably prompted by the mind. On the other hand, men have testosterone in the body that helps them set their sex desire on fire even with a woman’s delicate touch. Men feel their libido electrifying their sex drive even after seeing their partners naked. They immediately make their mood for sex at the slightest hint passed by their partners. Men do not like to douse their sex desire but wish to see the same response from the other end.

Let us go in a bit detail what more men really feel about sex and what makes a healthy sex life for both the partners.

Men want to have a hunger for sex:

It is true that men are more expressive in bed and they crave for sex more often than women do. Men like to imagine a fantasy world of sex and want to see their partners fully surrendered. They also have a hunger to make their sex play more exciting by experimenting different poses throughout the session. It is quite natural for the men’s health medication, as they feel mentally relaxed and delighted after having an exciting sex session.

Men feel more energetic to make it happen:

A man’s potential sex drive is simply enhanced during orgasm and he feels much more energetic and excited just before the climax. It happens due to hormonal agility that prompts a man to penetrate passionately. Such an energy level is always needed to live a healthy sex life so that both the partners feel satisfied at the end.

Men want to reach highest excitement level:

Sex without excitement is not a good feeling in any way. Men desire to make it a thrilling session and live the adventurous journey for long, so they wish to be highly excited and let their partners feel it every moment. More the excitement you feel, better the blood circulation your body experiences. It is one of the beneficial effects of sex, helping both the partners to improve health. Many men try different sex positions to elevate their excitement and feel charged up to make it a long-lasting play.

Provocation of a sex feeling:

Now when you know some beneficial effects of sex, the big question is that how to make it a reality. Well, just taking a little time to finish intercourse is not desired in a healthy relationship. You have to feel the excitement of love and intimation to satiate your senses. Both men and women have sexual desire, but they have different provocations. So, who wants to initiate, you decide!

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