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Strength 100mg
Generic Name Sildenafil

Zenegra 100 mg is a tablet for men with erectile dysfunction, which generally affects around half the population of men aged between 40 - 70 years old. It has Sildenafil which relaxes a man’s muscles and increases blood flow to the male genitals, helping him achieve and hold an erection when he is sexually aroused. The medicine will not cause a spontaneous erection; it only makes it easier for blood to flow to your penis so that you will get an erection in response to sexual stimulation. If a man is not sexually excited, he will not get an erection even after taking the pill. Arousal and improved blood flow work together to help you have perfect sexual intercourse. 

Zenegra treats erectile dysfunction in men. Its active ingredient, Sildenafil, is FDA approved to restore erectile function. Zenegra is also known as the generic Sildenafil citrate. The medicine is fast-acting and lasts up to four hours. It is well tolerated and works well for men of any age, regardless of how long the patient has erection issues. The powerful medicine provides everlasting sexual pleasure. It has a long history of success when it comes to curing erection issues in men.

Zenegra works best if taken approximately an hour before sexual activity. To get an erection, a man needs to be sexually aroused and intake the drug. The urologist usually recommends taking a 100 mg pill per day as required according to the sexual condition. Do not take more than one pill every 24 hours. Do not take your ED drug in combination with other medications used to treat erection problems.  Consider taking the pill on an empty stomach or eating a low-fat meal one hour before or after consuming the pill. A high-fat meal can reduce the effectiveness of the medication. Sildenafil pills do not protect you from sexually transmitted diseases (STDs). 

The medicine is 100% safe unless you have an allergy to its active component, Sildenafil or other inactive ingredients of the medication. The medicine may react to nitrate-based formulations.  

Zenegra is specially formulated for ED sufferers to achieve erections, sufficient enough for sexual intercourse. The pill should never be taken in the absence of sexual dysfunction or before a man is diagnosed with ED. Continuous intake of Sildenafil in the absence of impotence may worsen your condition. Always consult a urologist before beginning the ED treatment. Users should be aware of all the possible side effects when taking Sildenafil pills. Men are advised not to take medicine daily; it should be taken as needed. Frequent use can lead to resistance. Take only one pill a day. Additional dosing is restricted.

The most common side effects of Zenegra are headaches, nausea, stomach upsets, dizziness, flushing muscle pain, abnormal vision. These sound pretty bad, and the serious side effects associated with the use of Sildenafil are yet to come. These are rarely reported but worth knowing about sudden hearing loss, vision loss, and an erection that won’t go away, lasting for hours unless treated immediately. This can cause permanent damage to the male reproductive organ.

If keeping an erection is difficult or stressful, the Zenegra pill can be taken in advance before sexual activity to help improve the blood supply to the penis. This is not the only benefit; these ED pills provide firmer erection, making satisfying their partners more likely.

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