Give Vitamin Boost to your hair with these Fruit Recipes!

Healthy and beautiful hair is the thing that everyone dreams of! Nothing beats the charm of shiny, soft hair. You can make any style and look amazing every time. But it is quite difficult to achieve those soft, manageable hairs, especially when they are exposed to environmental pollution and chemicals. It’s not just what you apply on your hair but also what you eat matters. Nutrition is crucial for hair growth and good nutrition shows on your hair and skin. The nutrients which you consume through food help to fortify the hair follicles and the scalp.

To maintain healthy hair growth, eating a healthy and balanced diet is essential. Eating the right foods with full of essential vitamins and nutrients for healthy hair is the way to go.

A healthy diet for lustrous hair

A healthy diet enriched with vitamins and other essential nutrients will do a lot of good for your hair while unhealthy food can damage your delicate locks. A sedentary lifestyle includes a healthy diet plan, full of essential vitamins that help your skin to reveal natural beauty. Regular smoking, inadequate sleep, and hormonal changes may also affect the health of your hair.  You can do a lot of things to get back gorgeous hair, but the easiest way to do is start by eating vitamin-rich fruits that are extremely beneficial for maintaining hair health. Let’s look at some fruit recipes which will help you to regain lustrous locks. Here are the various fruit recipes for healthy hair.

Fruits for hair loss

Hair loss is a complex condition and vitamins we take to influence the condition of the hair as well as the scalp. When hair starts falling or thinning; it causes pain, anxiety, distress. Numerous treatment options are available, but nothing is permanent, and also they do not address the root cause. Dietary deficiency, poor hair care, use of toxic hair products are often the major cause of hair loss. Experts revealed a link between vitamin C and healthy hair. Vitamin C is full of antioxidants that are readily used by the body. The best sources are broccoli, oranges, strawberries, sweet potatoes, guava, blueberries, kiwi, and black currant. Vitamin C is helpful in the production of collagen, which strengthens the capillaries that supply the hair shafts. Along with diet, you can buy Finpecia online after consultation of a dermatologist to regain hair growth.

Take a look at these healthy fruit recipes for hair that can help to promote healthy hair growth.

Fruit water – A vitamin boost for hair

You can go with fruit infused vitamin waters when it comes to giving a boost to your dull and damaged hairs. You can mix water with fruits filled with vitamins and enjoy fruit infused vitamin waters.

  • Add Orange, blackberries & ginger water

  1. Half pin blackberries
  2. One thin orange slice
  3. One small piece of peeled ginger

  • Strawberry, basil, & lemon water

  1. A half cup of sliced strawberries
  2. Five torn large basil leaves
  3. One thin slice of lemon

  • Make lemon, blueberry, and rosemary water

  1. One thin slice of lemon
  2. Half pint of blueberries
  3. Four springs fresh rosemary

  • Enjoy kiwi, watermelon, & lime water

  1. One cup of watermelon cubes
  2. One kiwi cut into a circle
  3. One circle’s thin slice of lemon

For all vitamin-infused waters, choose to add five cups of water or a cup of ice cubes.

These drinks will hydrate the scalp and ensure a good circulation of blood, thus helping the vitamins, and other essential nutrients find their way to your hair. Make sure to include all these best fruits for hair growth in your list of healthy foods.

If you seek shiny and manageable hair, then you should ensure that your daily diet consists of essential vitamins and nutrients. If eating fruit is just not your thing, you can make vitamin-infused waters like those mentioned above, which possess all the goodness of fruits and added taste.

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