Do Eyelashes Grow Back?

The fall and growth of eyelashes is a natural phenomenon in the life cycle of hair. But any disturbance in this life cycle can distort the growth of lashes. In such a case, medications like Careprost lash serum can effectively help you out in restoring the beauty of the eyelashes. The eyelashes surely grow back and you can make them longer and fuller by using an authentic Careprost Eye Drops with regular use. This liquid solution is widely recommended to grow lashes faster without affecting the eye vision.

Why we lose eyelashes:

Women wonder whether they can get back the lost eyelashes or have to live with fewer and thinner lashes after losing them. We lose our eyelashes due to different reasons that include medication, hormonal disorder, chemotherapy, injury, strain, illness etc. The fall and growth of eyelashes continue naturally but these causes pose an obstacle to the natural growth and can increase the shedding of lashes more frequently. You can use Careprost to reverse this condition and maintain longer and fuller lashes for a long time. In other words, this medication can assist the growth of eyelashes and make them stronger. Here is a brief description of some causes behind the unnatural shedding of eyelashes.

  • Burns

Skin burn or tan is a cause of concern for eyelashes, as it can disturb their natural growth. However, the burnt or singed hair follicles are not dead permanently rather most of them allow the emergence of new lashes in 5-6 weeks. Once the damaged hair follicles are treated, they become conducive for the retrieval of new hair strands. Very few hair follicles that are damaged due to skin burn might not grow the new hairs. You can use an authentic Careprost to encourage the growth of eyelashes within a few weeks.

  • Chemotherapy

Usually, chemotherapy makes a harsh impact on the health of your hair and people who undergo this therapy lose hair from all body parts. Chemotherapy causes the fall of eyelashes, but they grow back once the medication is over. Since this therapy affects the scalp more severely, you tend to lose your hair incessantly. In such a case, you can apply Careprost lash serum for the faster growth of eyelashes. It is true that people taking chemotherapy lose body hair, eyebrows, and eyelashes but they can be grown back after stopping the therapy. After the chemotherapy, the eyelashes may grow back and you can find the previous look.

  • Injuries

People can lose eyelashes due to injuries in the eyes or scalp around the eyes. If a minor injury happens, there is a possibility of the reemergence of new hair. In the case of severe injury, you may lose your hair permanently. So, it depends on how severe your injury is.

  • Pulling of hair strands

You may have seen many people who often pull out their hairs due to a mental impulse or psychological condition called trichotillomania. This behavior can lead you to lose most of your hair strands but they can be retrieved after a few weeks.

  • Use of external eyelashes

If you use external eyelashes, the chances are you damage or rip your natural lashes that could lead their immature shedding. Once the eyelashes are damaged due to the use of external lashes, they typically take a few weeks to find the previous length and strength. In this regard, you can apply an authentic Careprost to make your lashes fuller and longer. If you use this liquid solution for some 5-6 weeks, you would not require any external eyelashes.

  • Illness

A health condition like thyroid and hormonal disorder can lead to the fall of eyelashes. In the case of thyroid, your gland produces too many hormones, leading to hormonal imbalance. Such a condition can cause hair loss. Similarly, alopecia areata causes the destruction of hair follicles. Although, when the illness is diagnosed, you regain the strength of your hair. The application of Careprost lash serum will help you find fuller and longer lashes faster after the treatment of such diseases.

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