3 Unique Ways To Grow Eyelashes

Long lashes are often associated with youth and beauty and are desired by women all over the world. Not everyone is born with it, we all have taken advantage of mascara, falsies, or other techniques of enhancing the appearance of lashes. But all these options are temporary, and may even lead to side effects. The best way to get a doll like lashes every day is to grow them naturally.

If you decide to skip mascara and want your lashes to look fuller naturally, here are three unique ways to grow eyelashes, and you will be ready for those no makeup selfies.

Unique ways to grow eyelashes

  1. Eat foods that support healthy lash growth- Experts say that eating a balanced diet can help promote eyelash hair growth. In order to get long eyelashes naturally, you will need to have a good mix of iron, protein, and other nutrients. Your hairs are primarily made of protein, so it is essential to get enough protein if you want your eyelashes to be long and strong. Add a more lean protein like poultry, beans, and tofu in your diet. All these foods are a great source of protein. You also need to incorporate iron and vitamin E in your diet to really get your lashes growing. Fish, leafy greens, spinach, and soybeans are terrific sources of these nutrients.
  2. Massage- Another unique way to promote eyelash growth. Eyelid massage is not only great for relieving stress, but it can also stimulate the growth of eyelashes. When you think about massaging your eyelid, the first thing you need to do is wash your hands and pat dry to prevent bacteria and germs. If you don’t want to use your hands, and you can use a hot compress to do the job. A hot compress will help relieve irritation or inflammation in the eyes. Start by running a warm compress or your fingers along your lash line and begin to apply pressure in a downwards motion. Make sure you do not apply too much pressure as this could irritate your eye. Repeat the procedure for 2 to 3 times a week for 1 minute. You can use a drop of castor oil while massaging your delicate lash strands. Avoid getting the oil in your eye.
  3. Careprost Lash serum- Careprost eyelash enhancer serum comes in the form of eye drops. It is clinically tested and proven in improving the appearance of lashes, making them longer, darker, and thicker. The high-performance serum promises to grow eyelashes within a few weeks of regular usage. Careprost is made up of bimatoprost, which is the first choice treatment for glaucoma. The product is equally effective in making your eyelashes fuller and attractive. Careprost online from reliablerxpharmacy.com works wonders for your lashes. The superior results of this ophthalmic solution are testified by customers who have used it.

Lash growth stimulates naturally with just a little help. Like hair on your scalp, eyelashes need time to grow, so patience is a key. Continue to follow these eyelash growth measures to achieve naturally long eyelashes.

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