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Effects of Smoking

Health Effects of Smoking

Smoking is one of the chief causes of death in the world today. Every year thousands of people die from side effects of smoking and smoking related illnesses.

Smoking is extremely harmful for your health. When cigarettes burn they generate over 7000 chemicals and most of them are poisonous. Almost 69 of them can lead to cancer. Smoking can increase your chance of contracting over 50 serious health issues. Every puff of your cigarette is harming almost every organ of the body. Here are some harmful health effects of smoking cigarettes.

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To Lead a Smoke Free Life- Quit Smoking

Tobacco is a primary health concern for most countries nowadays. Tobacco had already been used in America for the past 1000 years. Many Native American tribes have traditionally grown and used tobacco as an entheogen. As per the World Health Organization (WHO), tobacco is the one of the greatest individual causes of preventable death globally. It has been stated in a study conducted by WHO where more than 100 million deaths happened over the course of the 20th century. 

Tobacco is consumed in various parts of the globe and also in a number of methods such as chewing tobacco, hookahs and cigarettes. Any form of consumption of tobacco contains health risks that affect the heart, liver and lungs. 

Quit Smoking on this World No Tobacco Day

world no tobacco day

31st May is observed as a World No Tobacco day. We all have that loved one who worries us the most with the smoking habit. Or is it you who smoke? If you’re planning to quit, this day will inspire you to quit smoking. Almost all the smokers know the ill-effects of smoking. Despite of this, it is very difficult for smokers to quit smoking. Why? For so many reasons!

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How Smoking is Killing you from inside!

It is a known fact that smoking is injurious to health. It is bad for your brain, lungs, heart, and even your sex life. But it is not just your health which seems to be getting affected by your smoking habit, it is also your looks that are at stake. In fact, with every drag you take, you land up creating a dark pockmark on that beautiful face of yours. Here, we list both the short time effects as well as long time effects of smoking. We’d like to highlight how it is damaging your looks and overall appearance.

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