Quit Smoking on this World No Tobacco Day

world no tobacco day

31st May is observed as a World No Tobacco day. We all have that loved one who worries us the most with the smoking habit. Or is it you who smoke? If you’re planning to quit, this day will inspire you to quit smoking. Almost all the smokers know the ill-effects of smoking. Despite of this, it is very difficult for smokers to quit smoking. Why? For so many reasons!

You think you’re addicted: But you are not! A survey says that most people simply get used to nicotine more than addicted. When a person needs a break or feels stressed out, they smoke. It’s more a force of habit than craving.

Actual Addictions: Nicotine can prove to be addictive in some people. Addiction to nicotine is known to be of medium intensity and curable. The dependency on nicotine is not as intense as other stimulants/drugs.

How can you quit smoking?

Let go of that urge: It’s easier said than done. But no one said it was easy. Remember that it;s a habit you’re trying to break. You will require strict discipline because you cannot let yourself give in to your cravings when you wish to quit smoking. Meditate and exercise a lot to avoid the consuming thoughts of smoking.

Why do you want to quit smoking? For your kids? For your family and loved ones? For the love of your health and well-being? Is it because of a health scare? List these reasons. Make sure they’re in front of you at all times. Pin it to your cubicle wall, if you must. Ensure that the reason is drilled in your subconscious mind so that you don’t allow yourself to slip.

Very few people have stuck to their new year resolutions. Mondays never come. Do not procrastinate. Do it today, now. Decide that you want to quit smoking and start taking steps right away! 

You need not do it on your own. Get support from your loved ones. Read up on withdrawal symptoms and train your mind that these things are going to happen. Psyche yourself that you are not going to give in! Promise yourself a reward. Go online and read forums for people who have quit smoking. Keep yourself well-informed.

Don’t cut cigarettes cold turkey, at once. Lower your intake gradually quit smoking for good. This will help you handle the withdrawal symptoms well.

Go for nicotine replacement therapy or NRT. It can help you fight withdrawal symptoms and cravings and any other feelings of frustration or depression. Try this Champix 1 mg and Champix Starter Pack, which helps to quit smoking. These are some great ways to overcome cravings, but go for them after you’ve stopped smoking cigarettes.

Celebrate this World No Tobacco Day by gifting yourself freedom from addiction. Stay healthy for yourself and your family.

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