Most couples don’t think of taking any kind of precaution before sex. In fact, it is surprising that some people are still confused about the different methods of birth control. This confusion along with inadequate knowledge leads to unplanned pregnancies.


9 Worst Birth Control MistakesThis article highlights some of the worst birth control mistakes that must be consciously avoided.

1. Not using a condom

Condoms are known to be one the best and the safest birth control options available. They are very effective in protecting against sexually transmitted diseases. But many couples choose not to use a condom and instead opt for the withdrawal method. However, they fail to understand that even pre-cum may contain enough sperm to impregnate a woman. Therefore, it is extremely important to correctly use a condom before any genital contact.


2. Using the wrong lubricant

Most of the commonly used oils or oil-based lubricants, such as Vaseline, baby oil and mineral oil based body lotions can significantly weaken the effectiveness of latex condoms. Instead of using these lubricants, opt for water or silicone-based lubricants, which are available in various drug stores and supermarkets.


3. Long nails damage the contraceptive sponges

It is preferable to keep the nails short as they can nick or tear the contraceptive sponges during insertion. This can significantly reduce its effectiveness. There is always a chance for small nicks or tears to become bigger during intercourse. So, the best solution would be to cut nails short.


4. Irregularities in consuming birth control pills

In case a woman forgets to take the right dosage of birth control pills that have been prescribed by the doctor, then it becomes necessary to have a backup birth control plan for that week. This is because missing three or more combination of birth control pills can nullify the effect for the next seven days.


5. Not exploring all the options

Some people don’t remember to take their pills everyday. In such cases, birth control injections can be of great help. The effect of these types of injections lasts up to three months. Some other birth control methods that can be opted for include sponges, rings, patches and diaphragms.


worst birth control mistakes6. Choosing the wrong pill

In order to ensure that the pregnancy prevention pills are effective, it is necessary to choose from the best ones available in the market. A doctor can tell exactly which pill would be best suited as per your requirement.

7. No backup option

It is essential to always have a backup plan when trying to avoid an unplanned pregnancy.It has been observed that no birth control backup is needed if a woman has started taking a combination pill within five days after the period starts. Backup is also not needed on getting a contraceptive implant (Implanon). At other times, a backup plan is surely needed. For instance, in a case where a condom may break or slip off, it is preferable to immediately opt for an emergency contraceptive pill.


8. Removing sponge early

Contraceptive sponges work effectively only when left in place for at least six hours after intercourse. Similarly, diaphragms need to be kept in place for six to eight hours after intercourse.


9. Depending on spermicide

It is preferable to avoid using spermicide on its own as it can provide very less protection against pregnancy. It is advisable to use a spermicide with other contraceptives, such as a condom.

Various types of birth control methods provide effective protection against unwanted pregnancy. However, it is essential for couples to remember the above mentioned mistakes and to ensure that they are strictly avoided.

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