It’s the day that everyone dreads at the gym. Yes, we’re talking about leg day. Leg exercise is the easiest session to skip as its training is tough. But leg exercise has many benefits that go beyond aesthetics.
It doesn’t matter how big your upper body is.If you have small or skinny legs it will make your physique look odd. Not just strange, skinnier legs also account for various health conditions. That is why gym instructors recommend that leg exercises not be skipped.
Leg muscles are among the largest muscles in your body. No doubt that people skipleg exercise as it is one of the toughest tasks. But leg workouts are advantageous if you want to stimulate upper-body muscle growth. Leg workout helps in creating a metabolic state that is conducive to muscle growth.

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Why leg exercise is valuable?
Many people train only their upper bodies. If you do leg exercises as scheduled, you’ll be rewarded with perfect legs – with toned calves and athletic quads. Leg exercise is not about looking good, in fact; there are various reasons to train your lower body. These are as follows:

• You’ll be a better athlete- Strong legs provide you body ample support. The power generated from the lower half of your body is necessary for every sport. Toned legs or well-developed lower body will help you in exerting a maximum amount of force in a minimal amount of time.

• Improve your balance- The most important result of leg workouts is balance. Leg exercises like side lunges and dead lifts will help you increase your stability.
• Reduce the risks of injury- If you have a strong lower body, then you have an edge over others. Performing leg workouts, like lunges and squats, improve stability in the knee that helps you staying in the game for a longer run.

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Other benefits of performing leg exercises:
Leg and core workouts are interrelated as regular leg exercises help you improve your ability to push, lift and be flexible. It also helps strengthening your core fitness that refers to the strength of the muscle groups in and near your midsection. However, scientists have proved that bigger the muscle group, and larger the compound movement, the more natural growth hormone (NGH) and the more natural testosterone is released. The testosterone and NGH released while leg exercises is transferred from the core to the upper body, gives an equal share of the dose.

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Tips for leg day:
It is leg day and here’s what you need to know to perform perfect leg exercise:

• How often to hit it- Depending on your goals, you have to hit the gym. If you are a runner, you should incorporate strength training on low to moderate mileage days. Moreover, if you are a power lifter, then you have to focus on your legs, too much. You need to perform squats and dead lifts as specified by your trainer.

• Efficient exercises- Trainers recommend squats, dead lifts and lunges for perfect legs. If you want to burn fat then, cardio is not the only solution. Previously mentioned exercises also help you in fat burning if you perform them with multi-joint compound exercises. Hence, performing these fat burning leg workouts lead you to increased fat loss.

• What not to do- Position is very imperative, and it is also the easiest mistakes that people do. Beginners should pay particular attention to squat depth, posture and knee alignment. Moreover, if you have any doubt, then take advice from a certified coach or trainer who will help you better.

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No matter how bulky your upper body is, your primary focus should be on your legs. Performing accurate leg exercises without skipping a session will help you get your desired body. Yes, it seems tough, but if you have a strong will, then you may succeed.

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