Human chorionic gonadotropin (HCG) is a hormone produced during pregnancy. It is popular in the medical community since time immemorial for the many advantages it offers. In the recent years, it has become a trend for weight loss regimes. It is available as dietary supplements in the form of pills, shots, and drops.

HCG diet plan

However, HCG injections are a lot more effective than its oral counterparts, and you can easily buy them online. This is one of the most revolutionary diets in the weight loss industry as the hormone can reset your metabolism and make you lose as much as a pound a day without feeling starved or weak. The HCG diet can limit the calorie intake to 500-700 a day, and it is important to know how to use it effectively. Let’s take a look at HCG and its role in weight loss.

Did you know?

  •  HCG reduces hunger pangs. If you are on this diet, it is easy to limit the food intake without feeling hungry. When HCG is introduced into the bloodstream, it kills the body’s appetite and reduces the dependency on large meals.
  • HCG is a pro-hormone. This means that it helps produce more hormones. If one has gained weight because of hormonal imbalances or deficiencies, HCG can work wonders. People suffering from menopause or thyroid can try this diet.
  • The hormone injections improve the metabolism, boost energy and influence the overall health. You can easily buy HCG from an online pharmacy and achieve your weight loss goals. 
  • The HCG diet puts an end to unhealthy eating patterns and food cravings. 

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How effective is HCG for weight loss?

An HCG diet helps reduce weight without any side-effects. Sticking to a low-calorie diet will make you lose weight drastically. Although it sounds too good to be true, people can seemingly shed several pounds with an 8-week plan.

How to use HCG?

The best way to add HCG in the bloodstream is by injecting it as it is the only effective way to do it. Other forms such as drops, sprays or oral pills tend to dissolve before they can reach the blood, and do not raise the blood levels of HCG appropriately. You can take the injections at a clinic or home.

Foods that complement the HCG diet plan:

  • This diet includes two meals a day, lunch and dinner. Every meal has to include a protein food option, vegetable, bread, and fruit.
  • You can eat beef, chicken, fresh white fish, crab, or shrimp as long you avoid fat.
  • Vegans can opt for spinach, green salad, tomatoes, celery, onions, red radishes, and cabbage.
  • Fruits can include orange, apple, strawberries, or grapefruit.
  • The diet lets you have a lot of water, coffee, and tea.

The aforementioned dietary guidelines and the daily dose of HCG can do a powerful job. It is an effective way to lose weight without feeling famished or tired. It is crucial to know how to use HCG effectively and get started with looking slimmer. Best Place to buy hcg online Reliablerx Pharmacy.

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