Fitness habit plays a vital role in keeping your body fit and healthy. It is considered as the safest natural way to burn extra calories and shed the excess of fats. But, do you sometimes know such fitness habits do more harm than good to your body. The obsession with weight loss regime and slim body figure has also become a major concern today.

People try different remedies and tips to shed their weight, few of them follow stern diet chart while others go for weight loss pills and hard weight loss supplements to eliminate pounds of fats so that they can get back into a slim shape. Even many companies are claiming to provide a range of weight loss products online. Though intense workout can help you achieve the results faster, its side effects cannot be ignored.

6 Fitness Habits that do more Harm than Good

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  1. Working Out on an Empty Stomach

The old theory used to be that working out on an empty stomach would help you burn more fats. In fact, your body needs some fuel, in addition, to push it to the max. If you work out with an empty stomach, your body wouldn’t have any blood sugar available; therefore, it can eat its own muscle tissues to get glycogen for fuel. Low blood sugar can also make you feel tired and even dizzy during the workout session. Therefore, you need to have some diet for weight loss in an effective way.

  1. Stretching improperly

Stretching is a usual exercise to make a flexible bode and we stretch our muscle at a time before going to the workout. The main reason why stretching is so beneficial is that it prevents muscle soreness and get you rid of shrinkage after sleeping or resting. Even though stretching only takes 5-10 minutes prior to one or two hours of workout, most people choose to skip it. You have to do it in a proper manner, whereas many do stretching improperly and hurriedly. There are numerous reasons why improper stretching does more harm than good to your body. The more important thing is that improper stretching could cause many types of muscle injuries.

Strength training also plays a vital role in burning a lot of calories. But, somewhere it may harm your body. A cardio exercise works great for your body and it helps your heart rate up. Stretching is done to warm up your body and it increases heart rate, so people living with high blood pressure and high heart rate should opt for mild stretching. You can also try circuit training as this typical workout will help your heart rate up and enhance muscle performance. If you are planning to stretch your body, you must be familiar with its correct movements and do it properly.

  1. Getting Stuck on a Workout Rut

Most of the times, it is noticed that people make a workout routine that they do in the gym every time they go. This could be harmful in many ways. If you don’t change your workout routine, it constantly develops your body in one way. So, keep in mind to change your workout routine and include a variety of exercises to make an attractive physique. Similarly, if you are stuck on a weight loss diet or taking weight loss pills for long, its negative effects will overshadow the benefits of the workout.

  1. Calculate heart rate and keep it under control

Many studies have shown that intense workout along with a diet for weight loss is crucial to burning fat. However, it is not applicable in all cases. If you want to achieve effective results, you need to give it all but do not strain your body too much. As we have mentioned earlier, intense workouts play a vital role to get results fast. When you workout, your heart rate goes up and it could be problematic. To calculate maximum heart rate – for a man, subtract the age from 226 and for a woman, subtract your age from 220. The number you will find should be the maximum heartbeats per minute. Make sure you are not pushing yourself too hard in order to avoid any injury and internal problem.

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  1. Not Knowing Your Limits

Before performing any workout, you must always understand and beware of your limitations. Always take sufficient time to use the proper form of any workout. You can take weight loss supplements but not for a long time. Try to modify your exercise and weight loss diet whenever necessary.

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