Can men’s waistlines be an indicator of men’s health? This is a big question. And probably the answer is yes, because many health experts agree on measuring waistlines to get an idea about the man or woman’s physical conditions.

Maintain your waistline

Normal waistline:

You may have often heard about the perfect body measurements of a woman as 36-24-36. It denotes a 24-inch waistline – or anything close to that scale. Similarly, for men, it has to be about or less than 40 inches that represent a healthy body shape.

It’s not difficult to know the correct size of your waistline. To measure your waist size accurately, stand in front of a mirror with your feet apart. Now wrap the scale tape around the waist just above of your belly button at the narrowest part of your torso. Take a normal breath and relax your body to get correct measure.

Waist to height ratio is important:

Here, it’s important to consider a waist to height ratio for the assessment of your body weight as well as health and fitness level. Just measuring waist circumference will not give you the whole picture unless you include a waist to height ratio as it is equally fair for all short and tall persons. This ratio is applied to the people of different ages including children. The measurement of the waistline is also important to see the improvement during the course of weight loss.

Waistline and health risks:

There are several studies that establish a relationship between waist size and health risks. In many ways, the oversize of waistline represents more risk of stroke, blood pressure, cholesterol, cancer, heart disease, diabetes, obesity and higher mortality affecting men’s health. The studies also find that the addition of every 5 inches to the waist size increases the possibility of health risks up to 40%.

Abdominal fat can simply disrupt the natural hormone balances and lower healthy sperm count in men. In women, the excess of abdominal fat can alter the appetite-controlling hormones, which could cause obesity and other deformities.

Understand the abdominal muscles:

In order to shape-up a good waistline, it’s important to maintain the attractive abdominal muscles that extend from the ribs to the pelvis area. The healthy abdominal muscles are also important for smooth breathing and improving sexual performance. The look of your abs also depends on the condition of these muscles that ultimately decide the size of the waistline, and thereby the condition of your health and fitness. Therefore, your efforts should be for achieving the tight and strong abdominal muscles that bring out attractive abs from the blubber.

Reduce waist size:

The cases of wide or bulky waistlines are being registered very high all over the world, which indicate how extensively obesity is stinging people. It has become a need of hour to maintain the waist size in accordance to the body weight.

You have to bring your waist size as close as possible to the ratio of your body weight. For that, health experts prescribe different methods such as:

Foods to reduce waist size

Experts recommend certain foods that help burn extra fat around your abdomen. Some particular food items that contain omega-3 fatty acids like salmon, herring, oyster, trout, sardine and halibut should be taken regularly to maintain men’s health with ideal body weight. In addition, the intake of more foods rich in protein and fiber, but low-carbohydrate, can significantly help you lose belly fat.

Aerobic exercise to shrink waist

Exercise is very effective in reducing overall body weight and obesity are highly recommended to burn excess of fat through the workout. Aerobic exercises like running, walking, and swimming can reduce abdominal fat proportionately. The weight loss exercise can also prevent you from regaining fat and reduce the risks of blood sugar, blood pressure, heart attack and other metabolic abnormalities that are related to the overweight.

Change lifestyle for toned physique

One has to stick to the norms of healthy lifestyle to avoid undesired development of body fats. Your body weight depends a lot on your way of living and performing daily activities. For example, sedentary lifestyle encourages widening of waistline and deteriorates health and fitness levels. Some daily activities that add more fat to waistline include:
Haphazard or poor eating habit
Unhealthy sitting posture
Smoking and alcohol
Lack of full sleep
Shift job
Excess of TV watching and computer games
Intake of junk foods and high calorie edibles

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Sometime, your waistline correctly describes the level of your fitness. Your waist size must be in the ratio of your body weight and height. Carrying a fat belly is not just embarrassing but also an indicator of your body’s vulnerability to certain diseases. Maintaining normal waistlines could be a key to health and an important factor for men’s health. Take all possible wages and means to find perfect muscle volume for all body parts.

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