Obesity has become one of the prominent health problems in the people worldwide, and our changing living style has catalyzed this issue further. It occurs when you consume more foods, but workout less to burn the extra fat, so the result is overweight. One has to follow some specific weight loss tips to remain slim or say proportionately balanced with the height. If you know how to lose weight at home, then you can save yourself from those arduous weight loss medicines.

Excess of weight leads many noticeable problems in the body and, probably it’s seen that obese people strive hard to adjust with the normal ones around them. Sometimes it feels very embarrassing to carry those extra pounds and sometimes it easily becomes the center of comments. Obesity has become like an epidemic affecting millions of people.
Overweight is determined by scaling Body Mass Index (BMI). BMI indices between 18.5 and 25 denote healthy body while a person with BMI 30 or more is considered to be obese. You can calculate your BMI through the formula:

BMI = Weight in kg / (Height in meters x Height in meters)

Tips To Lose Weight

Causes of overweight:

There could be several reasons for excess weight gain that include:
• Heredity
• Absence of exercise
• Lack of sleep
• Consumption of alcohol in large quantities
• Sedentary lifestyle
• Stress, tension, and depression
• Haphazard eating habit
• Intake of excess of junk foods like burgers, pizza, snacks and flour
• Hormonal imbalance
• Certain intensive medications
• Pregnancy

Symptoms of obesity:

Though there is no particular sign that indicates you are gaining overweight, but certain body problems corroborate obesity, such as:

• Breathing problem
• Joint pain
• Frequent Backache
• Feeling of tiredness even in moderate physical work
• Excessive sweating
• Sleeplessness
• Enlarged body parts like waist, thighs and calves, bulging breasts (in women)
• Snoring
• Hypertension
• High level of cholesterol, and sometimes acute heart diseases

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Home remedies for weight loss:
Although home remedies or domestic weight loss tips are available for all you still need some sorts of guidance to get effective and speedy results while applying those methods.

Mix lemon juice and honey
The intake of lemon along with honey promises good results in controlling or reducing body weight in a few days. Take a teaspoon of honey and three teaspoons of lemon juice, and then mix them in a glass lukewarm water; now drink it on an empty stomach, punctually every morning. You can add some black pepper or salt according to your taste. This method can burn fat significantly and helps to get you back into shape. Add a combination of honey and ginger; it’s also well-known for weight loss. Taking this mixture twice a day can stimulate the fat burning process.

• Cabbage, tomatoes, and cucumber
When it comes to vegetables for slim-trim shape, cabbage is considered one of the excellent home remedies for weight loss. It has tartaric acid that prevents the carbohydrates from transforming into fat. You can use it as a cooked recipe or salad. It delicately burns fat from stubborn areas like thighs, arms, and upper waist. Likewise, tomatoes help in shedding weight. Take 1-2 tomatoes for breakfast or lunch; it has magical effects on obese people. And don’t forget to add cucumber to your diet as it cuts down fat cells and limit body fluids. Vitamin A, C and E found in the tomato can eliminate the toxins from the body and, at the same time, make you feel energized.

• Green Tea
Green tea has an excellent antioxidant quality that intensifies weight loss if taken regularly. Research has found that epigallocatechin gallate (EGCG), an element found in green tea, is useful in limiting body’s capability of getting more fats. Moreover, its nutrients like carotenoids, vitamin C, chromium, zinc, selenium and several other minerals are quite useful in burning fats. To combat obesity, it’s necessary to take at least 3-4 cups of green tea every day.

• Yoga

A home remedy for weight loss without any cost is one and only Yoga. Take it either an intellectual method or simple morning exercise, yoga not only helps remove ailment of the body, but also keeps your body in perfect shape without much strain. If you are unaware of how to lose weight at home, learn some powerful yoga postures for effective results.

• Peach and fennel seeds

If you are taking dieting route, then it is advised to eat peaches as they comprise more calories. Take peach on a regular basis for gaining a slim look. Similarly, fennel seeds offer an herbal remedy for burning weight, a cup of fennel seeds just before a meal can significantly curb your appetite for food.

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Another important home remedy for weight loss:

Some other important weight loss tips that you can follow are:
• Full and comfort sleep
• Chewing gum
• Stay away from longer-watch of TV
• Hot water bath
• Eat papaya, carrot, fresh curry leaves and aloe Vera leaves
• Regular cycling exercise

Believe it or not, in most of the cases obesity is inherited from the predecessors, but home remedies for weight loss can effectively mitigate the genetic effects too. You need not feel embarrassed for those extra fats if you are sticking to the weight loss tips under proper guidance. It’s very important to keep your body in positivity and eating order recovery from gradual burning of fat, which will lead body in proper shape.

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