How does HCG injection help during pregnancy, and how is it used? What is the disadvantage of using HCG?

If these are some of the questions running through your mind, here, we have all the details about HCG injections online; read on to learn.    

What is HCG?

HGC, also known as Human chorionic gonadotropin, is a hormone produced primarily by the cells of the placenta during pregnancy. Some amounts of HCG are also produced in the pituitary gland, the colon, and the liver. It is also known as the hormone of pregnancy that has an important role in human reproduction. The hormone stimulates the corpus luteum to produce progesterone further to maintain the pregnancy.

HCG is a crucial hormone for pregnancy, and its clinical use is primarily centred around its detection during early pregnancy, with serial measurement and complications associated with pregnancy. It has been demonstrated it’s a crucial part of establishing and maintaining pregnancy and embryo development.

Additionally, HCG has been used in supported reproduction protocols by mimicking the endogenous Luteinizing Hormone (LH) surge to induce ovulation. HCG is specially prescribed to women who have low levels to support pregnancy. This may help to avoid miscarriages in females with recurrent pregnancy loss where the embryo is unable to stick itself to the uterine wall. HCG shots are also administered before pregnancy as a part of fertility treatment. Measuring HCG hormone levels can help identify normal and pathologic pregnancies and be effective following an aborted pregnancy. HCG levels can vary widely between women with normal pregnancies. HCG is sold under various brand names, including Novarel, zyhcg 10000, and many more. One can purchase HCG injections online at the lowest price. 

When to take HCG?

HCG helps stimulate more progesterone production, supporting initiating and maintaining a healthy pregnancy. Your doctor may want to consider giving HCG injections to help you conceive or minimize your pregnancy risks. But is HCG pregnancy suitable for you?

HCG injection for pregnancy

Doctors have been using HCG injections for pregnancy in conjunction with certain fertility medications like FSH as a treatment for pregnancy. HCG and FSH are often used together to help produce more mature eggs and maintain a healthy pregnancy by stimulating the release of progesterone hormone. If a woman has a good ovarian reserve and healthy ovulation function but has a very low level of HCG, she may be prescribed HCG to induce a healthy pregnancy.  

HCG shots during pregnancy

Many health care experts suggest HCG injections to women with low levels during pregnancy because progesterone is an important hormone a woman requires to sustain a pregnancy. Enough progesterone ensures that the fetus continues to develop healthily. A woman can conceive even if she has low levels of HCG, but it comes with an increased risk of miscarriages or abnormal pregnancy. Health care specialists often prescribe HCG injections during pregnancy when a woman has low levels of HCG, and its amount is not increasing as it normally should week by week. If a pregnant woman is diagnosed with low levels of HC, she can consider using HCG shots during her early pregnancy.    

Side effects 

The following adverse reactions have been associated with the administration of HCG pregnancy: irritability, headache, fatigue, depression, oedema, restlessness, gynecomastia, precocious puberty, and pain at the injection site. Discontinue treatment and get immediate medical help if you develop any of these symptoms of an allergic reaction, such as difficulty breathing, hives, or swelling of your face, tongue, or throat.   

Ovarian hyperstimulation syndrome or OHS

Another side effect of HCG injection is Ovarian hyperstimulation syndrome or OHS, which can be life-threatening if not treated timely. This condition usually develops after the first treatment cycle and must be reported immediately as it can be deadly. Report to a doctor immediately if you notice symptoms after completing the first round of HCG treatment. These symptoms include pelvic pain, breathlessness, nausea, vomiting, diarrhoea, abdominal pain, urinating less than usual, and swelling in the hands and legs.    

Things to keep in mind before taking HCG injections

HCG injection for pregnancy can cause an adverse reaction when combined with other medications or conditions. You might need dose adjustments, especially if you have: 

    • Tumours of the breast, uterus, or ovary
    • Renal impairment or heart diseases
    • Thyroid condition
    • A history of asthma, epilepsy, or migraines
    • Develop vaginal bleeding without cause 

HCG injections are supposed to be only effective in becoming pregnant or supporting a going pregnancy. Ensure you use the product as your doctor prescribes, as it can cause adverse effects if not used correctly. 

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All the information given here is only for informational purposes and should not be considered in place of medical advice. Please consult a healthcare expert for detailed concerns or queries about using HCG.  

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