Mostly people know Yoga for its relaxing effects and stress-reducing benefit, but Yoga has many more benefits than we think. Yoga requires discipline and dedication, if you perform active yoga poses correctly, it can helps you to burn fat and lose weight. Not only it helps in weight loss, but it does wonders on reducing stress level and alleviating anxiety, which is one of the main causes of weight gain. While many people rely on different medications, surgeries or medicines for weight loss, yoga is a natural way to shed that extra pounds from your body.

When practiced regularly, yoga can help you lose weight and stay in shape, leaving you fresh, focused and relaxed. Many researches have proved that yoga works in certain ways to bring a healthy weight. While this is true that yoga is a healthy option for a weight-loss, you should never rely completely on yoga alone to lose weight. Many experts agree that yoga works much efficiently if combined with a healthy diet and a routine lifestyle. Let’s check out a few ways to lose weight with the help of yoga.

Choosing the Right Types of Yoga

It is true that yoga alone itself cannot burn complete calories. Therefore, attending hybrid yoga classes is a best way to achieve the desired result. Hybrid yoga is a combining yoga in the forms of aerobics, dance or cardio works great in terms of higher caloric burn. There are so many high-intensity yoga exercises for weight loss available such as power yoga, hot yoga, active yoga, acro-yoga, etc. Chose any of them, it may burn more calories than regular yoga, the combined techniques work effectively in a weight loss program.

Fix-Up Your Yoga Routine

Yoga poses are often slow-moving, you will burn more calories during 30 minutes of aerobics in comparison to 30 minutes of yoga. This is why you should aim for 90 minutes session if you want yoga to be a major component of your weight loss strategy. Yoga is not easy and sometimes it can cause a lot of strain to your various muscles. So, if you’ve never done yoga earlier, we will suggest to start it slowly, join a class or take help from professional to perform it correctly.

Fostering the Mindset for Weight Loss Using Yoga

The mental and spiritual aspects of yoga focus on developing mindfulness. This technique helps you in increasing your awareness on many levels. Yoga also teaches you to become more aware of your personality and body as well. This can help you to be more conscious of when you eat food, and the kinds of food you should eat to stay fit and healthy. You may have heard that stress sometimes plays a major role to get more belly fat. Lowering your levels of stress can really help you to prevent your body from retaining weight.

Incorporating Other Lifestyle Changes alongside Yoga

Keep adding regular aerobic activity to your routine like cycling, swimming, dancing. Eat a healthy diet which includes green vegetables, fruits, sprouts, nuts, lean meats, eggs, multi-grains, dairy products and lots of water.

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