Health and Hygiene: Stinky Feet Be Gone!

health and hygiene stinky feet be goneDon’t you hate it when you are in this room full of people, and there is an important presentation going on, and all of a sudden people start noticing a foul smell coming from somewhere and people start complaining about it! Supposedly it’s you, and your feet stink, and up until now you didn’t realize people noticed. Would you want people to know these stinky feet are yours? Forget about finding out, you shouldn’t be in such a position in the first place. We often tend to neglect our feet and shoe care and hence land in such a soup. We suffocate our feet by wearing socks, stuffy sandals and closed shoes for long hours leading them to sweat and stink bad. Our feet take the beating every time. Avoid any such major embarrassment to you and your self esteem in just a few simple steps improving the health of your feet:

  • Most common cause of stinky feet is having the same socks on throughout the day. If you go to the gym before you go to work, it’s advisable to change your socks. While gymming the sweat from your feet gets soaked up by your socks and keeping the same ones the entire day can cause your feet to stink real bad! Change socks after gym and change socks everyday too!
  • Scrub your feet every day! It is obvious that we need to take care of our feet, just like any other body part. A quick rub with soapy water in the shower won’t be enough. Try and remove the bacteria as well when you wash your feet. So when you wash your feet, clean the entire surface of your foot with a washcloth, brush, or any other harsh mechanism. Don’t forget to scrub between your toes too.
  • Use your hand sanitizer to keep your feet healthy. As weird as it may sound, a good scented hand sanitizer can kill the germs on your feet and hold back any bacterial and fungal growth keeping you free of stinky and unhygienic feet. You can also use a foot cream and apply it to your feet every night before sleeping. It keeps the skin fresh and young.
  • As good as coffee is for a jet start in the morning, it turns out coffee is also good for stinky shoes! Interestingly, there are brands that have come up with socks made from a unique cotton and recycled polyester blend, which is infused with carbonized coffee to keep bad odor away. They are called the ‘Atlas’ dress sock, along with a few more brands.

As important it is to maintain the hygiene of your feet, it is also important to maintain hygiene of your shoes. A few tips to keep your shoes clean.

  • If it’s your shoes that are making your feet stink then it’s time to bag them! Place dry tea bags inside your shoes for two to three days and then don’t forget to take them out. They will absorb the odor and leave you with fresh smelling shoes once again!
  • Try and wear different pairs of shoes on every alternate day. This gives your feet more options and your shoes, some space to dry out the accumulated sweat. It keeps both your feet and your shoes fresh.
  •  Make a mixture of Baking Powder and Baking Soda powders and put it into a pair of cotton socks. Place the cotton socks in the smelly shoes and voila, the smell will be gone!

Try these few simple steps and say bye bye to your good old stinky feet!

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