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Health and Hygiene: Stinky Feet Be Gone!

health and hygiene stinky feet be goneDon’t you hate it when you are in this room full of people, and there is an important presentation going on, and all of a sudden people start noticing a foul smell coming from somewhere and people start complaining about it! Supposedly it’s you, and your feet stink, and up until now you didn’t realize people noticed. Would you want people to know these stinky feet are yours? Forget about finding out, you shouldn’t be in such a position in the first place. We often tend to neglect our feet and shoe care and hence land in such a soup. We suffocate our feet by wearing socks, stuffy sandals and closed shoes for long hours leading them to sweat and stink bad. Our feet take the beating every time. Avoid any such major embarrassment to you and your self esteem in just a few simple steps improving the health of your feet: