If you take a prescription medication to treat erectile dysfunction (ED), you will want to do every possible thing you can do to make sure the erectile dysfunction medication is doing its job. Learn about how to make your medication work better so that it helps you later in the bedroom.

Watch on your diet

Diet plays a vital role in almost all medical treatments. In case of ED, sometimes, eating big meals right after taking an erectile dysfunction drug may not be the best idea. Consuming blue pill with a high-fat meal may delay its action; it may take longer for it to work. Hence, avoid eating meals right after taking the ED drug.

Ways to Make ED Drugs Work Better

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Consult a urologist to find the right medicine

Almost all ED drugs work similarly, but all have different active ingredients. This can affect how they work, how much time they take to start the action, as well as the side effects that you may experience with the drug. Discuss with a healthcare specialist (urologist) if you suffer from a health condition or if you are taking other medications as well. Letting your health care specialist know about your history will help your health care expert find the erectile dysfunction drugs that best suits your condition. 

Give enough time to your medication to work

Most ED drugs take time before they start working. You need to wait to allow the medicine to work after consuming it. For instance, Viagra takes 30 minutes to work and the effect, and it last for about four hours after you take the tablet, where erectile dysfunction drug such as Cialis should be taken two hours before initiating the sexual practice. Its effect may last up to 36 hours after you consume it.

Discuss with your healthcare specialist if you need to increase dose

Sometimes the amount of medicine you take doesn’t help you to achieve an erection, that time you may require dose adjustment. But, don’t increase your dose on your own. You must talk to your healthcare provider and discuss with/her if the increase in dose works for you.

Have patience while taking your medicine

These medications are not miracle drugs; you can’t expect to get a harder erection right away immediately after consuming the medicine. An erectile dysfunction medicine works by boosting the effects of nitric oxide, (a chemical produced by the body) which relaxes the penile muscles. This action improves the blood flow to penile region and helps you get a stronger erection enough for a satisfactory sexual intercourse. But for medications to work and for erectile dysfunction cure, you need to be sexually stimulated. So have patience and don’t rush things. Take your time to get sexually aroused. Allow all your senses to get turned on.

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Never take your medication with nitrates

If you are suffering from a heart condition, then do not take an ED pill for heart medicine called nitrates. This may lead to drug interaction and cause a dangerous drop in your blood pressure.

To make sure you stay healthy, consult your healthcare expert before each medication you take.

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