How can you increase your testosterone levels? This blog will provide you an insight about the symptoms you may experience with low testosterone, and useful tips on raising it to normal levels.

Testosterone is a vital hormone found in humans and other animals. The testicles in men primarily make testosterone and in women, the ovaries make the same in smaller amounts. Testosterone hormones are imperative in building muscle, increasing libido, and also in burning the body fat. However, the production rate of testosterone hormones tends to decline after the age 30 accompanying fatigue, depression, loss of libido and erectile dysfunction, as its symptoms.

Ways to Boost your Testosterone Levels

According to various studies lifestyle choices play an incredible role in testosterone levels. A number of factors responsible for low testosterone levels, are exercising, sleep, stress, and obesity. Below in this blog, you will get an excellent detail on the ways to increase your testosterone levels quickly.

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Tips to increase your testosterone levels quickly:
There’s no magic bullet to boost your testosterone. For this, you need to change your lifestyle and routine. The numerous ways to help you raise your levels of testosterone are:
• Manage your diet- Improper diet and nutrition can result in various health issues including testosterone levels. A diet high in calories and fat, like fast foods and processed foods make you prone to various health issues like overweight or obesity. These conditions could be the cause of a drop in testosterone levels. People suffering from obesity secrete more aromatase enzyme which converts testosterone to estrogen, resulting in the decrease in metabolism that makes the problem worse. So, for a proper diet plan consult your doctor.

• Zinc works for you- Men with low testosterone levels often have zinc deficiencies. According to the studies have zinc has all those things required by people with low levels of testosterone. Zinc plays a crucial role in regulating serum testosterone levels in healthy men. It is recommended that adult males should have 11 mg of zinc and females should have 8 mg of zinc every day. So, to maximize the amount of zinc in your body, you should add Oysters in your diet, as they are rich in zinc. Furthermore, you can also eat red meat and poultry to increase the zinc content. Other food sources with rich amounts of zinc quantity include beans, nuts, whole grains, lobsters, and crabs.

• Lose excess weight- Being overweight is like inviting hundreds of severe conditions to you. So, shedding those extra pounds may increase your testosterone levels. You can lose weight by cutting down on sugars, as various studies has shown that excess sugar is the primary factor in the obesity epidemic. So, try to avoid processed foods, soda, artificial sweeteners, and tetra pack juices.

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• Get indulged in strength-training- If you are serious towards your health, then get your ass off and start exercising. You can start with a warm up by running on a treadmill, and then start lifting up weights as suggested by your trainer. Performing weight training four to five times a week can help you increase your testosterone levels by up to 20 percent.

• Sweat it out- Make sure not to over train as this may put you in a troublesome situation. Always go with the plan as mentioned by your gym trainer. When you are heading out for a gym session, make sure you sweat during your 30-minute workout because achieving weight loss and improving testosterone levels is the ultimate goal of yours. Your focus should be to keep your metabolism up while giving the body plenty of time to rest and recover.

• Boost your intake of Branch Chain Amino Acids (BCAA) – Various studies have found that BCAAs result in higher testosterone levels when taken along with resistance training. BCAA can be attained in the supplement forms like whey protein.

Get enough sleep- One of the best natural ways to boost testosterone levels is a good night’s sleep of eight hours or more. Various studies have stated that lack of sleep slashes a healthy young man’s testosterone level by more than 30%. Less sleep also dampens the growth hormones and also restricts the muscle-building potential.

Reduce stress- Stress alone is enough to invite multiple of conditions. Any kind of mental or physical stress can quickly depress your testosterone levels. It is because stress causes cortisol to surge and suppresses the body’s ability to make testosterone. To get rid of stress, you can perform yoga and cardio, as they are great stress busters unless you overdo it.

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Well, the ways mentioned above are some of the quickies that may help you stimulate the testosterone production. In case, you don’t get desired results, contact your doctor because he/she will suggest you the appropriate ways.

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