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Hernia Awareness Month: Know Everything About Hernia

Hernia | ReliableRxJune being the Hernia Awareness Month, this blog is meant to educate you on hernias, their effects, causes, and more. You must have heard about them and we’re sure you would have several questions. So, what are hernias? Do hernias happen only in men? Let us throw light on this topic and put an end to all doubts.

Quit Smoking on this World No Tobacco Day

world no tobacco day

31st May is observed as a World No Tobacco day. We all have that loved one who worries us the most with the smoking habit. Or is it you who smoke? If you’re planning to quit, this day will inspire you to quit smoking. Almost all the smokers know the ill-effects of smoking. Despite of this, it is very difficult for smokers to quit smoking. Why? For so many reasons!

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