When you get pregnant, some regular foods that don’t cause any harm as usual, but they could cause some harm to your baby. White rice is one of those staple foods that can become a cause of obesity to the unborn baby. Despite having some health benefits, white rice consumption during pregnancy can become an issue and pose a health problem to the baby. This food product is not among the weight loss supplements rather it promotes obesity and diabetes. It’s not that during pregnancy you prefer a diet for weight loss but take food rich in high nutritional values.

White rice for physical development:

There is no doubt that white rice is a part of healthy foods, especially when it is enriched with starch, calcium, and carbohydrate. White rice has many benefits such as it is low in calories, low in fats, high in carbohydrates and supplies energy to your body. But, it does not make a weight loss diet, so you decide yourself how much you have to take it. That is why, white rice has got a bad rap and, perhaps, deservedly so. On the other hand, brown rice has more nutritional value than white rice.

Stop Eating White Rice if You’re Pregnant

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As a pregnant woman, you should get to know about the nutritional benefits as well as the complications posed by the white rice to your baby. It is not necessary that you take a diet for weight loss but be cautious what food products to choose to take care of your baby properly. You can buy some weight loss products online, but try to avoid any causes of obesity till delivery.

Evaluate white rice in your diet during pregnancy:

White rice is considered for having a very high glycemic index as compared to brown rice. It can promote or raise blood sugar, making you prone to gestational diabetes. When white rice is overeaten, it can add extra weight to the unborn baby, making it prone to obesity. The research studies have revealed that white rice has enough quantity of arsenic, which is reasonably capable of causing premature death of the baby in a womb. It does not mean you take weight loss pills to avoid this condition but curb on white rice.

Curb on white rice to avoid obesity in babies:

Babies born to women with gestational diabetes or whose diet includes a high proportion of refined grains including white rice can have a higher risk developing obesity in the children till the age of 7. White rice is known for a major source of dietary carbohydrates, but it largely promotes Type 2 diabetes, obesity and heart diseases. While white rice is a good source of calcium and carbohydrates, it’s not good for the pregnant women who are suffering from gestational diabetes or having an elevated level of blood sugar. It’s not a food item recommended as a weight loss supplement. Therefore, it is advised to the expectant mothers to keep a tab on white rice intake.

White rice has a high glycemic index that means your body will break it down very quickly into sugar which is absorbed by the cells of the body very fast, hence raising the blood sugar. Also, the consumption of a lot of white rice in your diet can increase the number of calories which will result in subsequent weight gain, if you don’t exercise regularly to burn those extra calories. If you still want to include white rice in your diet, it will be wise to opt for brown rice instead and take diet for weight loss whenever you want to try something different. In a nutshell, it can be said that eating white rice on daily basis during pregnancy can raise the risk of developing Type 2 diabetes as well as obesity to the unborn babies.

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Take an ideal amount of rice during pregnancy:

The research studies have found that to be moms who ate the least quantity of refined grain (less than 37 grams per day) were at the lesser risk to develop obesity in their child as compared to those women who consumed more than 156 grams of refined grains a day. So, take its amount wisely whether you are pregnant or not.

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