Yoga is found to be extremely beneficial in improving testosterone levels and encouraging blood flow to the pelvic region, assisting the treatment for ED. Let’s discover the benefits of yoga in ED patients.

Are you suffering from erectile dysfunction or ED? Are you embarrassed about your sexual health problem and hesitate in discussing with a urologist or an expert who treats sexual dysfunction? Several yoga poses can help you in this regard. ED is a dysfunction wherein a man develops an inability to get and sustain an erection satisfactory for the completion of intercourse. Research suggests that practicing yoga techniques daily may help men enjoy sex life to the fullest. The causes of ED range from restricted blood flow to low testosterone (male sex hormone, to medications being taken by a man to psychological issues. Some men consider receiving medical treatment while others first try to explore alternative options to reduce symptoms of ED. One such example is yoga poses or asanas. There are numerous benefits of yoga; let’s explores the one that helps men to stay longer in between the sheets.

Yoga- An Alternative to Viagra

Alternative approaches for restoring erectile function are effective, including stress management, exercise, yoga, and counseling. Since the introduction of erectile dysfunction drugs such as Viagra, ED became prominent. All thanks to the media industry to advertise the product but still, most men disregard the sexual health condition.

Viagra and another form of treatment for ED because of the risk of common side effects such as headaches, stomach discomforts, and flushing is not the only treatment option for ED. Other treatments for ED have also been shown to be safe and effective includes stress management, exercise, sex therapy, and yoga. Various research studies suggest that certain yoga poses have physical and emotional benefits: Check out these yoga techniques that might help in the prevention and treatment of ED.

  • Naukasana (boat pose)- Boat pose stimulates male sex hormones and helps a man last longer in between the sheets. This asana boosts sexual stamina by strengthening hips, and thigh muscles. Naukasana also strengthens the pelvic muscles, which can help you spend more time in the bedroom. Perform the asana by lying down flat, keeping your arms beside your body and feet together. Continue to inhale and exhale, while lifting your chest off the floor. Also, lift your feet off the ground at the same time. Make sure you keep the arms straight when you are practicing this pose. Hold on for 5 to 10 breaths. Come back to your normal position while exhaling slowly.
  • Kumbhakasana (Plank)- Plank exercise is considered extremely beneficial when it comes to treating erection disorder in men. Practicing this pose may help improve endurance and stamina in your bedroom. It should be performed daily as it boosts overall upper body strength during sexual intercourse. Here is how to get into this posture for super strong and hard erections. Begin with lying down flat with your stomach on the floor, keeping your hands by the sides of your face. Bend your feet while pushing off your toes in the ground. Push your body with hands and raise your hips in the air. Be sure to pose your leg in a parallel position with the floor. Hold the position for as much as time you can. Then slowly get back to your normal position.
  • Dhanurasana- (Bow pose)- This posture not only helps with erectile dysfunction but also helps beat premature ejaculation and achieving orgasm. It is a perfect yoga asana to stimulate the reproductive organs. Practice bow poses to intensify your orgasm. To perform Dhanurasana, lie on the stomach, leaving a little space between the feet. Place your arms by your sides of the body. While exhaling, keep your knees and ankles in a folded position. As you breathe in, raise your chest off the ground. Pull your legs up and back. Stay in the position for 15 to 20 seconds and then release slowly.
  • Paschimottanasana (seated forward bend)- The practice of paschimottasana improves endurance and strengthens penile muscles, which assist in gaining an erection. Apart from helping in achieving an erection, this yoga asana helps you to stay longer in between the sheets. The pose should be performed in a sit-up position, keeping your legs straight and stretching them. Flex your toes towards you. Inhale while raising both your arms over your head. Now exhale while bending forward, touching the knees with your forehand. Hold on to this position for 10 to 20 seconds and then release slowly.
  • Uttanpadasana- Another effective yoga asana for people with erection problems. It is a raised leg pose, which has an intense effect on the core muscles of the body. Practicing this can increase your performance and make you last longer during intercourse. It also assists with adequate blood flow to the pelvic area. All you need to do is lie down flat on your back. Place your hands on either side of your body, touching your palms on the floor. Breathe in and lift your legs about 45 to 60 degrees from the ground. Hold this position for a few seconds or as much as you can and then get back to the position while breathing out. Practice the pose for three to four times a day.

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Final Words Men of all ages experience some degree of sexual dysfunction in their lives. When a man experiences erection issues, he could be suffering from ED. There are treatments for ED, which includes ED medications and surgery. Very few approaches to these intense treatment options. Most men like to choose treatments that come without side effects. Switching up to above explained yoga poses could help you combat ED. The benefits of yoga start with increased blood flow to the penis to increased testosterone levels. These yoga asanas help you gain erection faster and assist with maintaining an erection for satisfactory completion of intercourse.