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The connection between diabetes and hair loss is well established. Hair fall is a natural process, and it doesn’t cause trouble when the lost hairs keep on replacing by the new ones. However, in diabetes patients, the concept of hair is different. Diabetes is common in a modern society rich in stress, worries, fast food, and sedentary lifestyle. This metabolic disorder is often linked to thinning of hair, dry locks, and even balding. People who have diabetes are more likely to develop issues with the nerve s, heart and other body organs. Diabetes can harm your body’s circulatory system.  This way the less amount of oxygen and essential nutrients reach the entire body including scalp area. Diabetes is considered as one of the major causes of hair loss.

How Diabetes trigger Hair Loss?

Can diabetes trigger hair loss? Yes, by decreasing the micro blood circulation, diabetes can trigger hair loss. Poor circulation to the scalp can cause hair follicles to shrink resulting in the baldness. If diabetes is causing poor circulation, it may prevent normal hair growth. So, diabetes is not the only cause of the falling of existing strands but also prevent the growth of new hairs. The disease brings hormonal imbalance in the human body that that becomes apparent through hair thinning. This also explains why women during pregnancy and menopause experience hair loss.

Medications that are used to treat diabetes may also lead to thinning of hair or complete hair loss, and if this is your case, immediate speak to your health care provider and discuss if about the alternatives that can be used to control your blood sugar levels. Diabetes can harm your immune system too, and it can weaken the body’s defence system, losing its capability to fight against infections and making it more susceptible to illness such as skin rashes and thyroid dysfunctions.

Effect of Diabetes on your hair

Have you noticed any changes in your hairs in terms of colour, texture, progressive loss of hair, fragility, growth, or thickness since you have been diagnosed with diabetes? Such changes can happen when one suffers from this illness. Hair loss is one of the side effects of diabetes.

Are these effects reversible?

Yes, it is possible to reverse the diabetes connection to hair fall. One of the best-suggested ways is to eliminate diet sodas and artificial sweeteners from your diet. On improving dietary habits and achieving appropriate levels of glucose, many people with diabetes report that their hair growth occurs to normal. Moreover, be sure to have constant communication with your health care specialist under whom you are treating your sugar levels. Some people experience regrowth when their sugar levels finally touch the normal mark; therefore, it is important to get your blood sugar check regularly.  Another wise decision you can take to prevent hair fall is to follow a low carb diet and add some organic carb in your diet. It may take up to eight months to see the regrowth so have patience, follow the instructions religiously that are highlighted above. Always talk to your health care provider before making any changes to your diet, and you will see the growth of new hairs.

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What can you do about your hair loss?

The first and foremost thing for your overall health including the health of your hair, eat a balanced diet rich in essential nutrients. Consuming foods rich in proteins, iron, and essential fatty acids are vital for maintaining healthy hair. In conjunction to diet, exercise for at least three times a week reduce stress and boost blood circulation throughout your body which assists in bringing blood to your hair follicles.

Several research studies have linked emotional stress to the onset of alopecia areata (a type of hair loss that generally occurs in patches). Diabetes is a long-term condition that can be difficult to cope with, leading to chronic stress. Learn stress management techniques to reduce stress and stay calm. You can try meditation, yoga or your favourite activities to minimize the stress. Get in regular exercise because exercise helps in weight loss and hormonal balance, which ultimately reduce hair loss. Exercise helps reduce the blood sugar levels and improve blood circulation within the body, making the delivery of oxygen and essential nutrients accessible to hair follicles to help them grow.

Managing diabetes is especially stressful when you have to deal with hair loss along with it. The good news is that now diabetes patients don’t have to live with hair loss anymore. Talk to your health care provider about diabetes and fix an appointment to hair loss expert to find out the right way to get rid of hair loss problem. By taking the help of hair loss expert, men, and women able to restore their hair and transform their lives. Contact a hair loss expert and learn which hair loss solution is right for you.