Maybe you have read or heard about the causes of thinning hair and different solutions of hair loss treatment. But, there are still many causes of hair problems that may surprise you.Hair loss or thinning hair a common phenomenon unless the condition enters a serious level when you experience a hair loss pattern. Hair loss in elderly women and chemotherapy patients are only some particular cases where it happens for sure. Nowadays, researchers have explored a number of causes of hair loss. You may have heard about some of those causes, but the majority of people still get amazed to see these reasons. These causes can help you to take up effective hair loss prevention. Let’s understand about those causes that probably remain unnoticedCauses of hair loss that may surprise you

During pregnancy, the main focus of women remains on nurturing the fetus while their hair often become a victim of ignorance. After the birth of a baby, estrogen level falls down to some extent and women lose hair naturally. This type of hair fall is generally considered to be a temporary cause of hair loss and it happens after about three months of delivery. Hair shedding will return to its normal rates when estrogen level will be balanced again. To hair loss prevention during pregnancy, women must take prenatal vitamins regularly and maintain a healthy immune system. It helps to minimize the hair loss and thinning hair considerably.

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Thyroid disorder
Thyroid disorder is a condition that causes hair loss. Thyroid happens due to hormonal disorder in the body. In this disease, there will be an abnormal production of thyroid hormones which causes hyperthyroidism and influences metabolic processes in the body. And this metabolism takes nutrients at a fast rate and gives so much stress. Due to this lethargic lifestyle of overactive or underactive thyroid glands, you experience hair fall. This type of hair fall will be treated with the thyroid-diseasing treatment.

Hair appliances
In many cases, hair loss happens because of inappropriate use of hair appliances like blow dryers, curling irons, flat irons and other devices which dry your hair. Hair loss due to the irritation in hair strands as well as damage to scalp can largely be attributed to these hair appliances because the heat badly dries and damages the hair follicles.Causes of hair loss that may surprise you

Trichotillomania is a mental disorder; those people who have this type of disorder start pulling out their own hair from eyelash, eyebrows and head. The continuous forceful pulling of hair from any parts of the body poses a risk of scalp damage and you may not regain hair on that part again. Initially, this pulling sensation gives you pleasure but as time passes it transfers into a meditative state that can make you bald. This mental disorder mostly starts from childhood due to some kind of stresses like losing parents and loved ones, poor performance in the study, low confidence, love affairs etc. But people are mostly unaware of this condition until it becomes a serious issue. The hair loss treatment for this type of issue is psychotherapy and behavioral analysis.

Poor diet
Diet plays a vital role in hair loss. Since hair strands are made up of protein, the lack of protein in the body can become a cause of thinning hair as well as hair loss.

Dermatologists don’t recommend eating food items which contain artificial colors and dyes, artificial sweetness and preservatives, packaged foods and sodas. They suggest consuming healthy food like whole grains, fresh veggies, fruit, fish, etc. that enhance the protein level in the body.

Hair styling
Wearing tight ponytails, repeatedly making new hair styles by pulling your hair can be a cause of excess hair fall. This problem is mainly found in African American women who braid their hair. Apart from this, less washing and combing the hair also affect the natural strength of your hair.

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Trauma or shock
The hair loss due to trauma or any kind of mental shock is medically known as telegenic. This kind of hair loss usually starts after the three months of trauma. In this condition, the hair mostly falls on a person’s shoulders or on the floor. But this kind of problem is temporary in nature and you are not expected to take hard hair loss prevention. Generally, you gain hair again within 6-8 month, once you come out of that shell of stress.

Autoimmune disease
Autoimmune disease is widely found in Americans. This disease happens due to illness in the immune system. Celiac and psoriasis are two specific types of this autoimmune disease that cause hair loss. Lupus is another autoimmune disease which causes hair thinning.

Fungal infection
Sometimes fungus on scalp also causes hair loss but this type of fungal infection can be treated by antifungal medications recommended by the dermatologist. Ringworm is a type of fungal problem which is mainly found in children. It doesn’t require an intense hair loss treatment but its early prevention is necessary.

Anesthesia and surgery
General Anesthesia and surgery gives you physical stress which causes hair shedding after few months of surgery. However, this type of hair loss is temporary and hair will grow back after a time.

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