Experts say dieting doesn’t work, if you want to lose bodyweight and keep it off, you have to make some small changes in your diet.

The most common New Year’s resolution that most of the people make is to lose weight. To achieve the goals, a majority of people jumps on a fad diet. These types of fad diet mostly require complete elimination of certain foods. You can also eat close to nothing or advised to have a large number of supplements that empty your pocket. So, instead of looking for a quick result that would probably last for a very short period, make these small changes instead. Making small changes can make a big difference in your diet.

Avoid Dieting and Make These Small Changes Instead

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Here is good news for everyone, healthy eating doesn’t mean that you have to give up all your favorite foods. You just need to make some required changes for a period of at least six months, and they can become lifelong healthy habits.

  • Balance your calorie level-To balance your calories, you need to find out how many calories you need to consume daily. You can consult a nutritionist to find your calories and know about how to choose a plate. Being physically active also helps you balance your calorie level.
  • Enjoy your meals, but try eating less-While eating, it is important to fully enjoy the food. Take enough time to enjoy your meals completely. Avoid eating too fast and focus on eating as when your attention is elsewhere, it may lead to eating too many calories. It is important that you pay attention to hunger and fullness during meals. Try to recognize when to eat and when you are stomach is full.
  • Checkout portions-Portion out your food prior to eating. When eating, always try to choose a smaller size option, or share a dish of your meal with your friends and family members.
  • Food items to eat more often-Add more fruits, vegetables, whole grains, fat-free milk and dairy products in your diet. These foods fulfil the requirement of nutrients in your body, including vitamin D, fiber, calcium, and potassium.
  • Fill half of your plate with colorful fruits and green vegetables-Include colorful vegetables like sweet potatoes, broccoli, tomatoes and other vegetables in your meals. Make a habit of adding fruits in your meals, or you can serve them as dessert.
  • Avoid full cream milk, instead, switch to fat-free milk-Keep this thing in mind that low-fat milk also contains the equal amount of calcium and other essential nutrients as present in whole milk. The difference is fat-free has fewer calories and less saturated fat.
  • Add at least two whole grains in your daily meals-According to 2015 guidelines for Americans, it is recommended to eat two whole grains per day. Eat whole grain bread instead of eating white bread in your breakfast. Replace white rice with brown rice. Turn half of your grain intake to whole grain. Replace your pasta from traditional white to whole wheat.
  • Eat less solid foods-Cut back on foods that contain added sugar, salt, and solid fats. This includes food items such as ice cream, cakes, puddings, cookies, pizza, cheeseburger, hot dogs, sweetened drinks, bacon, sausage, and fatty meat like ribs. You can eat these foods on special occasions. Do not include these food items in your daily meal. Use these as occasional treats.
  • Switch to low sodium diet-It is very important that you compare sodium in your food. With the help of a nutritionist, you can opt for lower sodium food items such as bread, frozen meals, and soups. If you are buying canned foods, then try and select foods that are labelled low sodium, or no salt added.
  • Replace sugary drinks with water-Water is the best drink you can ever have to hydrate your body. You can make homemade drinks by using water. You will find these natural drinks, tasty and healthy at the same time. You can make delicious smoothies and energy drinks by using water, fruits, and vegetables. Use fruits to give a naturally sweet touch to your drink. Cut calories by consuming water or unsweetened drinks. Avoid consuming artificially sweetened beverages like- energy drinks, sports drinks, or soda as these are a major source of added sugar, and calories in your diet.

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Start your day with these healthy tips that focus on making healthy food choices. Work towards achieving your goals, make positive changes in your lifestyle and help you achieve a healthier weight.

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