Alcohol can lead to Erectile Dysfunction or Impotence

Are you a heavy drinker and tagged to be an alcoholic? Then you are putting your sex life at a high risk. Experts have found that the effects of alcohol suppress your sexual desire over a period. You may feel excited after booze but it’s not healthy in the long term and you could become a victim of erectile dysfunction. Those who are looking for the erectile dysfunction medication have to deal with alcoholism first.

About Erectile Dysfunction:

Erectile dysfunction or ED refers to a condition in which a man is unable to have a strong sex drive to satisfy his partner during sexual intercourse. It is the inability to maintain a long-lasting sex act and achieve a strong erection. Some experts call this condition as impotence in which men are unable to generate strong and active semen needed for fertility. Most men experience this condition at some point in their lives when they are not very much interested in sex play. There are several causes of ED in men and alcoholism is one of them.

Excess of alcohol drinking and smoking can lower your sex drive and that condition could be responsible for some psychological inhibitions too. You can take some erectile dysfunction drugs to diagnose the condition but you have to curb alcohol for achieving good results.

Leave alcohol to save sex life:

Alcohol works as a depressant to sex drive and it can slow down the body’s system, thereby you feel weaned away from the sexual intercourse. It may increase your desire for sex but that could not be long-lasting. A moderate or social drinking does not have that much impact on your sex life, but you have to remember your limit. Men looking for an erectile dysfunction cure are advised to stay away from regular alcohol drinking in order to perform well in the bed.

Effects of alcohol on the body:

Alcohol can directly affect the nervous system and blocks nerve impulses, disturbing the communication system between brain and body. Therefore, drunk people find it difficult to control their body’s activities, resulting in slurred speech, slow reflexes, difficulty walking and, over-excitement. Some experts say that occasional drinking in moderate amount is fine for men to improve cardiovascular health but excessive intake alcohol can cause various health conditions like high blood pressure, ED, cancer, liver damage, wrinkles, blurred vision, acute headache etc. If you want to treat erectile dysfunction, you have to ponder seriously on your limit and be disciplined while taking a drink.

Effects of alcohol on sexual performance:

Alcohol has aphrodisiac effects that arouse your sexual desire but that does not happen naturally. Understand it in medical language. When you are prepared to intercourse, your penis is filled with blood and then blood vessels are closed to prevent backflow. In the condition of excess alcohol consumption, you are overexcited and allow more blood flow to the penis, but its blood vessels remain partially open and they are unable to prevent backflow. Therefore, you fill exhausted after sex and eventually damage those blood vessels. This condition can simply trigger a series of troubles including fatigue, hypertension, erectile dysfunction, and stroke. You can take alcohol occasionally but embrace it as a healthy man and do not booze your sex life. The erectile dysfunction drugs are made to mend this damage but you should take them under prescription only.

How alcohol affects a man’s sexual performance:

Alcoholism can distort a man’s sexual performance by:

  • Causing difficulty in erection
  • Making it difficult to achieve sufficient orgasm
  • Decreasing sexual desire
  • Stimulating sexual aversion disorder
  • Causing genital problems
  • Resorting incomplete intercourse
  • Leading to premature erection

Erectile Dysfunction Treatment

Men suffering from ED are advised to consult a registered specialist who can suggest them effective erectile dysfunction medication. Living a healthy lifestyle is a precondition if you are taking an erectile dysfunction cure. It is not that you have to avoid alcohol completely but do not make it a daily habit. And do not rush to intercourse if you have taken an excess of alcohol. Let your mind and body reconcile after booze. Eat healthy foods and do daily exercise to maintain a strong sex drive.

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