Alzheimer is a neurological disease which means loss of cognitive ability, diminished memory, dementia, and loss of ability to work or to perform the simple task of life. People with Alzheimer’s disease starts forgetting how to perform daily simple activities like eating, cleaning, drinking, washing, and eventually lead to complete memory loss. Consult neurologist to know the right treatment for Alzheimer’s for your loved one.

People with an age group of 60-65 and above are most likely to be affected by this brain disorder. There are no specified causes of Alzheimer’s, but it can be due to loneliness, depression, and old age. Over some time, the condition leads to dementia, decreased thinking and working ability. In the medical world, there is no proper treatment for Alzheimer’s; however, medications are there to slow down the progression of the disease. But one can make certain effort to improve the Alzheimer condition by including a healthy diet, right medication, meditation, yoga, making patient social to the society can help the patient to recover gradually.

Home Remedies for Alzheimer’s

  1. Meditation-Meditation is an old Indian Vedic process to cure many diseases. Alzheimer is one of them; it a method to relax the mind and get the feeling of peace. Meditation is a perfect exercise for the mind, and it helps the mind to create a new connection and restore the damage and reactivate the nervous system. Meditation boosts the brain towards positive sign like regaining the cognitive ability, help in restoring the old memories, provide peace and happiness, send a positive sign to the brain.
  2. Healthy diet-A well-balanced diet is essential for a healthy and fit body.  Once the body is physically fit, the brain start function well, enhancing our neurological system, thereby increasing the thinking ability. A healthy diet should include nuts, berries, and soaked almonds.
  3. Exercise or workout-Exercise and workout release many happy hormones in the body and brain. It keeps one in shape as well as provide a positive sign to the brain.
  4. Social or meeting people-Social involvement is always a good sign of a healthy brain. When we are happy, we want to be social, and when sad, we don’t feel like even hanging with our besties. But being socially active helps releases stress, relax mind, make you laugh, make you cry. Loneliness is the biggest illness once your mind is habitual of being alone; it starts making your body feel sick, tired, and grumpy. Being social make you feel happy, surrounded by people, is always joyful.
  5. Avoid alcohol and tobacco-A study shows that excessive smoking and alcohol increases the risk of dementia, a type of Alzheimer. This reduces the blood supply to the brain. By reducing the intake of alcohol and smoking, one can increase the blood supply and provide an adequate amount of blood and oxygen to the brain, consequently letting it function optimally.
  6. Absorbing sunshine-Sunshine is rich in vitamin D. Most of the people complain that they have pain in legs, their mind is not relaxed, they feel tiredness in the body; the reason is they don’t go in the sun. Means leaving your comfort level like couch bed and sitting in park bench is important. Vitamin d helps in reducing stress and protecting one from neurodegenerative disorder. 
  7. Aromatherapy-Therapy is good for the overall body. Aromatherapy comprises essential oils that help enhance well-being. People taking Aromatherapy are found more relaxed, calm and fresh, and these all things improves the thinking ability of a patient.

There are home remedies for Alzheimer’s disease, but above mention prevention is not the core solution to rely on. A patient should be given the treatment for Alzheimer’s along with these home remedies.

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