Are you suffering from erectile dysfunction? If your answer is yes, then maybe it is the right time to use ED medication– Suhagra 100 mg.

Erectile dysfunction is an increasingly common issue seen in men all over the world. It is a sexual dysfunction that compromises the quality of life of the patient and his partner. If you pay attention to the media, you might think that the erection issue happens only to older men. The type of sexual condition is indeed more likely to develop with age. There are many health complications associated with ED, such as heart disease and diabetes that start occurring as men get older. But did you ever know that erection problem affects a considerable number of young men as well?

Erectile dysfunction is sexual dysfunction, in which a man is not able to sustain a penile erection for intercourse. It is believed that this condition does not begin to affect men until they reach the age of 50 or above, but nowadays, more men in their 30’s are increasingly reporting symptoms of erection issues. This guide will help you identify some of the key medicinal causes of erectile dysfunction in young guys and some natural ways to treat erectile dysfunction.

Potential causes of ED in young men

There is no doubt that physical problems can certainly affect younger men, but psychological and situational factors also play a role in erectile dysfunction (ED). Here are some common causes of erectile dysfunction in younger men:


Smoking not only contributes to erection issues in men but also give rise to many other health-related conditions. When you inhale cigarette smoke, the nicotine, tar, and other carcinogens in cigarette smoke build up in the lungs and cause hardening of the arteries or arterial sclerosis. Penile erection requires a large amount of blood. When tar accumulated in the lungs and plaque in the arteries, the heart becomes unable to pump blood to major parts of the body for proper body function. The increased heart load results in less energy in the body to push blood to fill the penile tissues.

Excessive consumption of alcohol

Alcohol is known to reduce central nervous system activity; excessive alcohol consumption slows down brain function, pulse, and breathing. The effect is more psychological. A depressed, nervous system due to excessive drinking, people, may feel relaxed and even become sexually excited more than before. A brain trapped under the effects of alcohol can miss the stimulation signals, and thus not fire the neurons in the brain that signals the body to send blood to the penile tissues to attain an erection. This results in temporary erectile dysfunction. The erection issue in young men may be temporary if alcohol is used on occasions. At the same time, men who drink alcohol in excess, or regularly will find themselves unable to achieve an erection all the time. They have also tended to have little desire to indulge in a sexual act due to their decreased libido.


If the body mass index (BMI) of a person is in between 25 to 30, they are considered as overweight, while an individual with a BMI of more than 30 considered as obese. An erection problem is more likely to develop in people who are obese, irrespective of age. Due to the fat accumulation around the heart and other organs, it makes it hard for the heart to pump blood efficiently through all parts of the body.

How effective is Suhagra?

Suhagra 100 mg has helped millions of men all over the world. With the use of this ED drug, many men got success in satisfying their partners. It helps men in improving their performance despite having the erectile disorder. It is extremely effective in improving their sexual health, making them last longer in the bedroom. A single pill can improve the flow of blood to the penile region of men who suffer from ED. The drug can’t do magic if you are not sexually aroused. It only works when you are physically and mentally sexually stimulated. The ED drug does not increase sexual desire but helps alleviate the situation for men that cause them unable to perform between the sheets. It improves personal relationships and helps to keep the romance alive in between the partners.

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