Lash extensions need relatively high maintenance and it is important to take proper care of extensions to avoid premature breakage. Buy Careprost online to avoid the mess with extensions and to boost natural lash growth.

In the last few years, the procedure of extensions has become one of the most popular beauty services. Those days are gone when you need to apply a set of falsies every day; lash extensions can give you the instant gratification of fuller eyelashes. It is an ideal option for those who have thin and brittle eyelashes. The lash lengthening treatment makes your eyes attractive, but they don’t last forever. If you feel you are running back to your lash artist every couple of weeks despite having a busy schedule, don’t worry, you got the right place. The secret to keeping your lovely extensions fresh and at the place for a longer time, check out these tricks to stretch out the life span to at least a few weeks.

  • Stay away from oil-based cosmetic products – To keep your extensions look curvy and attractive, stay clear of oil-based products as oil-based make-up products can break down the adhesiveness, making them fall out quicker. Products like oil cleansers, oil-based make-up remover, and facial oils making lashes fallout quicker. There are various eye care products available in the market which help in removing any debris and bacteria from the eye while also keeping lashes protected and most importantly, intact. You can use Careprost to grow lashes longer that looks natural. You need to use this eye care product daily at night to promote lash growth.
  • Stay away from eyeliner- this thing is little harder to avoid but eyeliners are hard to remove without rubbing the lashes, which will subsequently cause fall out of lashes. Use micellar water and a queue tip to remove eyeliner. Do not apply liner directly on the lash.
  • Use a spoolie – Using spoolie should be your daily routine and use a standard spoolie to brush up your lashes. Use it for once or twice a day to expand the life of your lashes. Using it too frequently will damage the eyelashes.
  • Don’t rub your lashes and always sleep on your back – sleeping on your back will avoid lash fallout. Buy a travel pillow and use it to prevent you from turning onto your front during your sleep. Do not rub your eyes as much as possible, as it will damage the adhesives and will cause lashes fallout.
  • Do not wet lashes immediately – According to a lash artist, do not wet your lashes in the first 24 hours (it is the time adhesives on the lashes need to get set so that you can keep your lashes for longer). However, this does depend on the glue used, so always consult your lash artist. After 24 hours, they can be wet and washed daily to avoid bacteria growth, so make sure you take care when you are drying your eye area, gently blot with a soft towel, and do not tug! Don’t get your lashes wet unnecessarily wet in the pool or if taking a quick shower but do wash them regularly with lash cleaners.
  • Don’t use cotton pads to clean your eyes – the fibres of cotton can get stuck on the lash extensions and this will cause the fallout of the extensions. Instead use cotton buds with a precise tip to clean your eyes or make-up.
  • Blow-dry- Blow dryer can be used to fan your lashes back in place. Use a good hairdryer and set it to cool setting then blow your lashes at a comfortable distance from the lashes, this will shape them and keep them in the desired place.


For those who have had lash extensions, it can be tough to properly follow all the post-care instructions given by your lash artist. A lot of experts warn of getting facials, using oil-based products, or sleeping on your face. Make these tips into practice to properly care for lash extensions and keep your lashes looking top-notch. For natural lash growth use Careprost, a safe and effective lash treatment for those with thin lashes.

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