Almost all of us experience stomach pain at some point in our daily lives. The abdominal pain occurs most of the time in situations when you are not prepared at all. To deal with such unexpected stomach pains, you can do the following five things.


You should immediately seek medical help if:

  • Your pain lasts for more than six hours and continues to worsen
  • If the pain occurs with bleeding
  • If your pain accompanied by vomiting or fever
  • If you develop pain immediately after having meals
  • If your pain worsens when you try to touch your stomach
  • If the stomach pain starts all over and settles in one area of your abdomen
Things you can do if hit with Sudden Stomach Pain

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Take some mint:

Teas that come with a flavor of mint or mint sweets are helpful in relaxing your muscles of your stomach. Peppermint tea is known to improve the flow of bile, which is useful in digestion. If you are able to get those fresh leaves, then nothing can work better than that. You can simply chew these leaves to ease your stomach pain. You can get these leaves at supermarkets. Mint is a stomach acid food that is easily available in the market.

Drink warm ginger tea:

Ginger has a variety of chemicals that work to relax the smooth muscles of the intestinal tract. This, in turn, helps relieve stomach pains, especially colicky stomach pains. Ginger tea is a wonderful formula to get rid of nausea that sometimes occurs along with sudden abdominal pains.

To make this simple yet effective preparation, wash a piece of ginger, peel it or mash it. Boil this mashed ginger with water for about 2 to 3 minutes. You can also add honey to enhance the taste. Make sure that you add honey in a moderate amount.

Apply some heat:

If you experience a sudden abdominal pain, then applying some heat on the affected area can work wonders for you. The natural remedy can help you in relieving your stomach pain. When you apply heat to the affected area of your abdomen, it will help loosen and relax the muscles of your stomach.

You can apply heat via hot bottle, or a hot pack to get rid of sudden belly pain. A warm cloth or a towel is also suitable. Once you get the appropriate thing to apply heat, what you all need to do is lie down on your bed and apply heat to the area you feel the pain. Ensure that the hot pack, bottle, or towel is not too hot that can burn you. Ensure that the temperature is comfortable for you, but it should be warm enough. Apply it for at least 15 minutes or as per requirement. You can apply it again if required.

A glass of warm milk can help:

Milk has the power to neutralize stomach acids that are responsible for causing abdominal pains. A glass of milk is enough to ease your stomach pain, especially if you experience a burning feeling in your belly. It calms your stomach muscles and relieves the pain. Make sure that the milk is not too hot or too cold; it should be warm enough to be able to provide a feeling of calmness to your stomach muscles. A glass of warm milk is the best stomach acid cure.

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A glass of Warm lime water can do wonders:

Always keep lemons in your home as it is good for digestion. Squeeze out a lemon in a glass of warm water and drink it. You don’t need to boil the water; you just have to warm it according to your comfort. It is a very simple trick to get relief from stomach pain that especially caused by indigestion. Lemon is highly acidic in nature; it stimulates the secretion of hydrochloric acid in your stomach, which is extremely helpful in breaking down food in the stomach. If you think you are not getting relief by following these home remedies then you can opt for stomach acid treatment. Talk your health care specialist to know more about the treatment and stomach acid relief medicines.

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