Stress as we define is our body’s way of responding to any demand. According to stress management society, it is caused when we think about those unpleasant situations and the stress take the better of you.

The other causes of stress include- fear of something unusual or dangerous, worry over the family or job, response to things like noise or crowding and sometimes pressure from the family. All of these factors lead to stress. Stress affects both the mind and body of a person. We become physically weak, tired and lack concentration power on several tasks. Many people even suffer from mental breakdown too. In this case, what‘s more important is to keep aside all the tensions, anxiety and stress. There are several instant stress relief techniques which almost every individual must follow. Instant stress relief tips not only help you to overcome stress, but also play a significant role in soothing/calming mind and the body.

Stress and its impact on common man’s life

Stress produces many changes in the body and affects the personal relationships and general well-being of a man.

Instant stress relief

  • General well-being-Everyday our reactions, behaviour and the way we feel is affected by the fact that whether we are stressed or not. If we are under stress, then we hardly can enjoy life and experience the feel good factors that should be part of our daily lives. Life seems meaningless and can cause depression. Instant stress relief tips must be considered if a man wants to feel good and happy and this way it will leave behind his every day’s sorrows and anxiety.
  • Relationships- There’s no doubt that stress is many times caused due to the relationship, leaving an enormous impact on the relationship. How? If one of the partners is somehow stressed, then he may react aggressively or unreasonably with the other mate. This in turn results in a conflict between them.

As a consequence, people who are over stressed or upset with their life switch to alcohol or drugs. They find huge relief in drinking alcohol. Dependence on bad habits directly impacts the health of a person in the long run. They should follow instant stress relief techniques rather; few of the techniques that may help people in coping with the stress are given below.

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Instant stress relief tips

  • Get prepared for tomorrow- Being unprepared for tomorrow may slightly increase the chances for stress. Stay organized so that you are all set for the next day. Even if you go to work the next day, prepare a to-do list a day before. Making a list will prevent any confusion regarding the work schedule and ultimately you get free from any stress or tension.
  • Munch on healthy snacks- Sometimes it’s hard to resist your favorite food when you can easily reach for it. As per the studies, women have to depend on ice creams or chocolates to ease their stress. Under stress or tension, the urge for usual eating becomes high. So for the instant stress relief, the tip is to keep a handful of healthy snacks such as peanuts or almonds and have it in between whenever you feel stressed out.
  • Follow proper hand washing technique- When we are under pressure or stress, we become more susceptible to cold viruses or germs as the immune system is suppressed. Washing hands in such cases is the best defence. Use a good hand wash for better cleansing.
  • Switch on the music- Slow or meditative music is a good stress buster. Also, experts say that listening to music helps comfort our mind and body for hours. We feel much relaxed and stress- free the moment we close eyes and listen to slow tracks.

stress relief

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Other instant stress relieving technique- Yoga poses

Doing yoga is the greatest and most efficient form of exercise. There are many different yoga poses that one may try. Yoga helps to make us fit, improve chronic conditions like depression or anxiety and reduces stress.

  • Cross-legged lower back stretch- This yoga pose is found to be an instant stress relief technique. You just need to sit a few inches from the wall with the legs crossed. Then try to walk the fingers up the wall while stretching from the lower back. Broaden the shoulders by segregating and lifting the shoulder blades. Remember, you should not tense your shoulders, only lift them. If you think you reached pretty high, do the rest for a while till the body adjusts to the pose, walk fingers little higher. Repeat this many times for good results.
  • Knees to the chest-Lie on the back and bring the knees to your chest and hug them. Then breathe deeply into the lower back, with every exhalation allow the back to relax a bit. If this yoga pose hurts your knees then, you should roll up two washcloths and place it one behind each knee.
  • Legs-up-the-wall staff pose- Lie down with your buttocks on the wall. Then try to extend the legs up the wall and flex the toes towards you. Work on getting the knees straight by extending the hamstrings. Nowstay in this position for several minutes and then proceed further.

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Stress is something that is unavoidable, but one can ease stress levels by following relaxation techniques. Not only this: if you think little less, eat well and ignore every day’s bothersome situations, you could lead a happy and stress-free life.

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