If you want to gain muscle mass and strength with the help of proper nutrition, then a protein diet and supplements can help you very much.  For those willing to build muscles, there are several supplements and protein powder available in the market and online too. These supplements show greatest benefits. Here are the major supplements for the body building:

  1. Creatine: it occurs naturally within our muscle cells and makes our muscles strong. This creatine is found in skeletal muscle tissue and in this region about 95 percent of creatine is found. For dietary supplement purposes creating monohydratewas reproduced, to maintain the cellular energy and modulation process of our body.
Eating more protein help your body gain muscles faster

The creatine supplement promotion of lean body mass increases the muscle cell volume and glycogen storage. The supplement is also good to for getting high-intensity muscle performance and helps to increase the post-workout recovery process. It is preferred for the athletes as it helps to increase the muscle mass at a rapid pace.It comes in the form of protein powder and about 5-10 gms is the normal dose

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  1. Whey protein: it is great for improving the performance and gain muscle mass more rapidly. The whey protein comes in the form of protein shakes and also as supplements.  These whey proteins have a high amount of protein to rapidly faster the muscle-growing process. Including this into your exercise routine daily can provide several benefits to the athletes. It is highly beneficial as it is easily digested, is suitable for people with lactose intolerance, helps to promote muscle repair process and also suppress the natural appetite of a person.The recommended dose is 20-30 grams per serving. It is best used when it is taken pre and post workout sessions.  Do not always rely on this supplement, if you are not doing workout then you can add protein to your diet with the help of food sources.
  2. Beta-alanine: the non-essential amino acids beta-alanine reaches the body with the help of different sources of food. The property of performance enhancement in beta-alanine comes with its ability to increase the levels of carnosine, that helps to delay the process of muscle fatigue and muscle failure. There are several other benefits of the amino acid too, such as:
  • Providing high endurance levels
  • Enhancing the force output
  • Delaying the process of muscle fatigue
  • Repeated sprint ability is significantly improved
  • The general dose is 2-6 grams per day, required to be taken in smaller doses.

It is yet another supplement recommended by weight trainers and bodybuilders to increase the body mass as well as improve the workout results. The three BCAA are leucine, isoleucine, and valine. These amino acids stimulate protein synthesis and also help to regulate the protein metabolism.

The supplement is also beneficial for reducing soreness from muscle fatigue and it works wonderfully to improve the metabolic recovery. It is suitable for those who prefer long-distance workouts in the form of marathons and swimming, etc.the general dose is 3-5 grams in the morning before having breakfast and 3-5 grams pre- and post-workout.

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  1. Glutamine: it is known to slow muscle-tissue breakdown and elevate the endurance, too. With this supplement people who take it regularly can find a significant difference in their endurance and can feel that they can lift heavier weight for longer time. The glutamine also helps to burn additional fat along with improving the immune system functions. The recommended dose of glutaminse is 5gms each time after waking up, post work out and before bed.

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