Do Men Lose Weight faster than Women?

What do you think if both men and women take part in the weight loss competition and follow all tips intended to burn body fats, who will be the winner? In this regard, experts find that men show better performance in the majority of the cases. It is not that women are unable to lose weight but men lose more than women do. Whether you buy weight loss products online or from a medical shop, we should understand how to lose weight naturally and effectively at first.

Who loses more weight, men or women?

You may have seen couples doing weight loss exercises together but have you ever thought who is going to be benefitted the most? It could be an exciting experience to see that one loses weight faster than the other, even if both of them do the same exercise for that same time period. It is found that men are quicker to find a slim look than women. The weight loss product cost remains the same for both of them but the result is not equal at all, do you know why? Well, there are some scientific and organic factors behind men losing more fats than women. You have to understand those factors corroborating this fact.

  • Men carry more muscle than women

The muscle weight in men is naturally more than women, whereas women develop fats at a faster rate than men do. Therefore, it is comparatively easier for men to shed extra fats and build muscles. The higher level of testosterone makes it easier for men to burn fats in order to get a slim look. With the help of strength training, men can slash weight and experience good changes in the shape of the body. On the other hand, the genetic structure of the women’s bodies doesn’t allow them to get a bulky or slim figure that much easier.

  • Men can lose more water weight than women do

You have to understand the anatomy of body weight. Glycogen stored in the form of carbohydrates in your body. It is used to fuel energy in your body. One gram of glycogen is stored with three grams of water so that when glycogen breaks down, water weight also gets reduced. Therefore, more energy you use in your activities, you lose more water weight altogether. You do not need to buy weight loss products and consume them to burn extra fats but to use the body’s energy to do your daily works. Usually, men do more physical works so they require a lot of energy and thereby eventually lose more weight than women.

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  • Estrogen factor in men and women

Women have more amount of estrogen than men. This hormone is also responsible for encouraging the development of fats in women. On average, women carry about 10% more body fat than men because of the estrogen. Women may find it a bit harder to negotiate due to the weight loss product cost and requirements of weight loss regime but it is not impossible to find a slim body shape for them.

  • Eating habit in women during menstrual period

The cravings for unhealthy food products in women during their menstrual cycle can make their bodies accrue more fats which can cause obesity. Hormonal fluctuations are quite usual during the period in women and it gives them a sordid feeling, so they go on eating junk items like snacks, ice creams, cookies, and fried potatoes. This tendency is a prominent factor for causing obesity in women. They can take the help of a gynecologist doctor before going to buy weight loss products and use them to deal with the haphazard eating habit.

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