Losing 1 to 2 eyelashes a day is considered normal and usually not a matter of concern as they follow a growth cycle which includes shedding and regrowth of lashes. But if your eyelashes fall out more often than normal, it’s the right time to find an eyelash serum that promotes regrowth of lashes. Careprost is one such solution which is highly effective in enhancing eyelash appearance.

It is natural for a few eyelashes to fall out. As a child, we loved to find a stray eyelash on our cheeks so to make a wish and blow it off from a finger. But as an adult, we might feel anxious to notice our eyelashes falling out because we know they will not grow again with the same speed as they used to grow in our childhood. Amongst many reasons, the major reason for eyelash fallout is your age. Yes! You have heard it right, as you age, you tend to lose eyelashes and the process of re-growth becomes slow with the growing age, resulting in the growth of a few eyelashes.

In some cases, eyelashes fall because people are allergic to different skincare products. Removing mascara too roughly or using low-quality mascara or other eye cosmetics can end up giving a severe eyelash loss. You may experience excessive eyelash loss due to an underlying medical condition, and in that case, you need to speak to your doctor to solve the health issue. The health problems that make your lashes fall include alopecia areata, hypothyroidism, hyperthyroidism, lupus, or scleroderma. But if you think, the problem is temporary, and you just need to boost your lash growth, and speed up the growth cycle then using Careprost eyelash serum can do the trick. To promote lash growth, bring a generic version of eyelash enhancer serum called careprost to your home and get long, dense, and dark eyelashes within 4 to 8 weeks. 

How to speed up eyelash growth naturally?

In case you feel like your eyelash is not growing and continuously falling, then you need to take measures to stop eyelash loss. There are numerous options that you can opt to control thinning of eyelashes. Keep reading to know how to grow eyelash naturally.

Once we notice thinning of eyelashes, it is natural to wonder if we can do anything to grow them back. Luckily, we can use Careprost eyelash serum to bring back the natural length and density of eyelashes. In some cases, certain dietary changes can also support the growth of eyelashes. Look at such changes so below:

  1. Eat proteins– You might be aware of the fact that your hair is largely made of protein, if you are consuming a protein-rich diet, then you may be supporting hair growth. Protein offers amino acids which are essential for the production of keratin in your body. Keratin makes your eyelashes strong and healthy.
  2. Biotin for lash growth– Other than protein, include foods containing Biotin in your diet as it supports the production of keratin. You may find keratin in nuts, onions, whole grains, kale, broccoli, and cauliflower.
  3. Include Fruits and vegetables in your diet- Fruits and vegetables are essential for eyelash growth as they contain a high amount of vitamin A. Both helps encourage eyelash growth by supporting collagen production.  You can go with dark oranges, avocados, berries, and yellow fruits and vegetables.
  4. Niacin- A type of vitamin B3, Niacin improves the blood circulation throughout the body, including hair follicles, which stimulates hair growth. Vitamin B3 can be found in avocados, peanuts, turkey, fish, beef, chicken, green peas.
  5. Iron for eyelash length- If you are not having enough iron in your diet, then you may be unintentionally damaging your lashes and hair growth. This is because a diet rich in iron can help prevent thinning of eyelashes and eyelash loss. Foods that are rich in iron include seafood, dried fruit, dark leafy vegetables, iron-fortified cereals, poultry, and beans.

Following a healthy diet can help improve your eyelash growth and if you want to speed up the process include Careprost in your skincare routine. Daily application will give you luscious lashes in no time. 

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