All women desire long, healthy eyelashes, but very few have it. The good news is that if you take good care of your eyelashes, you can make them thick and beautiful.
Apart from enhancing the appearance, eyelashes are also important to protect the eyes from foreign bodies. Sometimes some bad habits and illnesses can cause poor eyelashes growth and cause them to fall off. The root of the eyelash is delicate and can easily break due to our bad habits. An eyelash typically lasts for around three months and can grow back in around two months.

Ways to grow eyelashes

Ways to grow eyelashes

Although genetics plays an important role in dictating the length of your lashes, you can take steps to protect the lashes that you have and promote more growth. Here are some tips for the good eyelashes growth.

Remove eye makeup – It is very important to remove every trace of make-up before you go to bed. Not taking it off every night will have a bad effect on the health of your eyelashes. Makeup often clogs the skin around the eyes. Removing eye makeup every night will give rest to your eyelashes and allow it to breathe. Remember to be very gentle when you are removing eye makeup. If you rub vigorously, they will break easily and may not grow back strong and healthy.

Moisturize – Most of us know about moisturising our skin, but very few are aware of moisturising their eyelashes as well. Keeping your eyelashes moisturised will prevent their breakage and will help them grow stronger and faster. You can use natural oils such as almond oil or castor. You can apply them to your eyes every night. Petroleum jelly is also a good eyelash enhancer. Apply carefully to the eyelids so that it does not get into the eyes.

Pick a good quality mascara – There are several high-quality mascara available in the market – they comprise minerals and vitamins that can make your eyelashes grow. But it is best to avoid wearing mascara for too long. Long hours of mascara can cause the eyelashes to become dry and brittle making them more prone to breakage. Use a new mascara every 3 to 6 months. Using old mascara can lead to eye infections and allergies.

Be gentle with your eyelashes – Avoid rubbing your eyes too often as this can cause breaking of the lashes. It is also best to avoid using eyelash curlers too frequently as it can cause the eyelashes to fall off.

Ways to Take Care of Eyelashes

Right Diet – Proper food is one of the most important tips to grow eyelashes fast. Just as with everything, food affects the growth of your eyelashes as well. If your body does not get the required minerals and vitamins, it will show on your eyelashes – it will grow slowly and will be thinner. Include foods rich in vitamins C, H, E, proteins and B complex. Drink plenty of water as well.

Avoid false eyelashes – While false eyelashes can make your eyes look great, they also contain harmful chemicals that may lead to an adverse reaction. It is best to use them only occasionally.

Massage your eyelids – You can massage your eyelids to stimulate the hair follicles. It can help to grow thicker and stronger eyelashes.

Eye dandruff – Eye dandruff can badly affect the eyelashes. Make sure you do not have such issues – it can weaken the eye hair and lead to loss of eyelashes.

Brush your lashes – You can buy a commercial eyelash brush to comb your lashes at least twice a day. Just as with brushing your hair, this helps distribute the natural oils along the full length of the hair and is one of the effective tips to grow eyelashes.

Medical issues – Sometimes certain ailments or treatments can also cause poor eyelashes growth and cause them to fall off. If your eyelashes are thinning, consult a doctor immediately.

Eyelash curlers – Go easy on your eyelash curlers. You can avoid using them every day as they can harm the lashes. While using it, make sure you do not pull at your eyelashes.
Although the remedies are known to strengthen eyelashes, it takes some time to show results. Remember, eyelash care is as important as hair care. Just as routine hair care makes them lustrous, taking care of our eyelashes will also show good results over time and lead to good eyelashes growth.

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