Today eyeglasses are fashion statement; you can find different eyeglasses suited to your need manufactured by different big brands of the fashion world like Gucci and Calvin Klein. This blog shares all you need to know about eye lens coatings and the coating problems.

While looking for the best eyeglasses you might have made the choice based on the styles of frames and types of eye lenses.

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Why is it important to choose the right eye lens coatings?

While you buy eyeglasses the frame and the coating both matter equally, because the prior one increases the appearance and comfort while the coating increases vision, appearance, comfort and safety. There are different types of lens coatings available to make the glasses user-friendly. The types of lenses are based on the work they perform. Four major kinds of eyelens coatings are available:

• UV resistant
• Anti-reflective
• Scratch resistant
• Anti-fog, etc.

The type of vision problem, you are facing, and the kind of work you do with the glasses define the choice of the lenses.

UV resistant coatings: UV or ultraviolet rays are harmful rays of the sun. The UV rays can do great damage to the vison of eyes. Hence, UV protected lenses are a good choice to use while venturing out in sunlight for too long. The UV protective lenses block 100% UV a and UV brays to prevent the damaging effects of UV radiations.

Anti-reflective lenses (AR lenses) coatings: These are multi-purpose lenses. These lenses not only enhances the fashion quotients of the glasses by increasing comfort and clarity, but also it helps to cut the glare from the computer screens and harsh lightings like headlights of vehicles etc.

Scratch resistant: these lens coatings are good at protecting the glasses from day to day wear and tears. Sometimes the scratches become very distratcting and even potentially dangerous. This type of coating enhances the performance and durability of lenses.
Anti-fog: if you live in cold regions and fog covers up your glasses very often, then you can use specially designed lens coatings to prevent the accidents that might occur due to vision hindrances caused by the fog clouding on the eyeglasses.

The different types of eye lens materials used:

Be it anti-reflective/anti-fog or any other kind of lens, the material used to manufacture the eye lens may vary. There is a variety of options available to choose:

  • Glass: Although glass was the earliest material used to make lenses, nowadays the demand for the manufacture of the eye lens made of glass has declined. It is because the lenses made of glass are very heavy and is prone to easily break-off, potentially may cause harm to the eyes. This is the reason glass is not used as a material to manufacture lens.
  • Plastic: Owing to its light weight, low cost and excellent optics, plastics remain one of the most popular options to make lenses.
  • Polycarbonate: Earlier used to make bulletproof and safety glasses, the polycarbonate is now used to prepare children eyewear, safety, and sportswear glasses.
  • High index plastic lenses: These are thinner, lighter and excellent version of plastic glasses. These are used to prepare lenses due to their high refractive index, and hence are very popular also.

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Some tips to take care of the eyeglass lens coating and keep the problems at bay:

• Anti-reflective eye lens coatings are very sensitive, and the major problem can arise if you will miss-handle it while cleaning the lenses. Always use a cleaning solution for cleaning the lenses.
• Never use your shirt or any other harsh cloth to clean the lens surface. Always use microfiber cloth provided with the glasses to clean the lenses.
• Never clean the lens with alcohol or acetone or household soaps
• Always keep your eyeglasses in a clean and dry eyeglass case
• Keep you eye lens way from the areas prone to fall, and avoid the problems of eye lens coatings like scratches and distorted vision.

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Hope the above-given information have made it easier for you to select the eye lens coatings that is best suited to your requirements. Eye lenses are of great use for the people with prescription problems of vision like myopia, hypermetropia or astigmatism. Hence, there are various specially designed lenses available in the market to get the additional benefits like Anti-Reflective coating, etc.

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