None of us likes to lose hair. But some of us don’t have any choice and are bothered by hair loss. It can be a difficult situation, get the support you need. Talk to others who have lost their hair to get suggestions and tips.

Hair loss can lead to an emotional distress and uncomfortable situations. One can experience hair loss due to an underlying health condition, and therefore, it should not be ignored. Autoimmune disorders stress and protein deficiency can be the reason of hair loss in women.

What Can You Do To Prevent Hair Loss?
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People suffering from hair loss may often experience symptoms including bald patches, receding hairline, thinning of hair, etc. The good news is that there are many hair fall treatments, home remedies, and preventive measures available for hair loss issues.

Reversing Hair Loss

Male pattern hair loss is the most common form of hair loss, affecting a large number of male populations all over the world. Male pattern hair loss or male pattern baldness is a genetic condition that mostly develops in those men who are hypersensitive to dihydrotestosterone or DHT (male sex hormone). DHT is present at the top of the scalp and responsible for causing shrinking of hair follicles and stops the production of hair. Currently, it is not possible to reverse a man’s hypersensitivity to DHT, but there are some hair loss treatments that are effective in blocking the production of an enzyme that turns testosterone (male sex hormone) to DHT. This type of hair fall treatment helps in reducing the overall levels f DHT in the body and helps in restoring normal hair growth.

Prevention of Hair Loss

Eat a balanced diet full of nutrition; avoiding alcohol consumption, cigarette smoking, fatty foods, and high levels of stress is the best way to prevent deficiencies that could contribute to hair loss.

Unfortunately, male pattern hair loss also known as androgenic alopecia is a hereditary disorder that cannot be prevented completely. However, there are hair loss treatments for men that can slow down the progression of the diseases in a way that it pauses the onset of pattern hair loss.

Ways to Stop Hair Loss

Finding the correct reason will help you stop hair loss. It is a very good attempt to find out what is triggering your hair loss problem before adopting any hair fall treatment for preventing it.

  • If any of you ever develop sudden or dramatic hair loss at any point in their lifetime, consult a dermatologist to find out whether it is resulting from an underlying health condition or not. Sometimes treatments such as chemotherapy (cancer treatment) will also contribute to hair loss in both men and women. Although in the majority of cases, the hair loss problem is temporary and hair growth return back to normal once the treatment is over and the root illness has been treated.
  • One can also experience thinning of hair as a result of poor diet, nutritional deficiencies, or smoking. An intense period of stress or emotional shock is also temporary and can be stopped after dealing with the issues itself.
  • If you are diagnosed with male pattern baldness, unfortunately, your hair growth cannot return to normal. However, with the help of skin care experts, you can get temporary boost your hair follicles and delay hair loss.

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Hair Loss treatments

Propecia (tablet) containing finasteride is the best hair loss treatment available in the market. It directly works on the scalp by blocking the production of DHT, which is a primary cause of hair loss in men. Regular intake of Propecia lowers the level of DHT and reverse hair loss by restoring normal hair growth. The active component, Finasteride has been shown to decrease hair loss and re-grow hair in a majority of men population.

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