As the World Cancer Day (4th February) is drawing nearer, we would like to clear your misconceptions and help you in preventing cancer. The World Cancer Day is celebrated to spread accurate knowledge about cancer and raise awareness about it. This can help in the prevention, detection and treatment of cancer. Here, we have highlighted some simple things that will help you to cut down on the risk of getting cancer.

1. Cut down on alcohol

It is believed that even small amounts of alcohol can increase the risk of breast cancer. Most of the doctors tell their patients to reduce consumption of beer, wine and hard liquor. A recent study has proven that drinking is the reason for 70% of the tumors known as hormone-sensitive. So, drink only two or three alcoholic drinks in a week.

Curb Breast Cancer2. Exercise at least three times per week

Most doctors tell the patients to exercise regularly. Exercising is beneficial for keeping your heart rate above its baseline level continuously for at least 20 minutes continuously. Long walks are known to prevent breast cancer. However, vigorous exercise helps your heart and cuts down on your cancer risk.

3. Maintain your body weight

As per the research conducted recently, overweight or obese people are more under the risk of getting breast cancer. According to this study, obese and overweight had lower survival rates and more chance of getting an aggressive disease than average-weight women.

4. Go for a breast self-exam every month

It is necessary to get a breast self-exam per month. Ask your doctor and get proper instructions to review your breasts regularly. There is always higher possibility for you to find out a lump before a mammogram does. So, it is preferable to observe the changes that take place in your body.

 5. Get a mammogram once in a year after 40

It is preferable to catch a tumor in its early stages rather than curing it in its advanced stage. So, if you are 40 or above, it is essential you to have a mammogram once in a year. This will help in detecting the tumor early thus increasing the chance of survival. In the earliest stage of localized disease, the survival rate can be high as 98% while it goes down to 27% for the distant stage or metastatic disease.

There are many reasons for breast cancer but proper treatment can prove helpful to curb it. Apart from giving instructions on the diet to maintain for cancer, doctors also prescribe certain medicines that create cancer fighting elements to destroy cancer cells. Dubbed as the best online pharmacy, ReliableRxPharmacy is known for offering high quality medicines for cancer that can help fight against this deadly disease.

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