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Types of Eating Disorders

Types of Eating Disorders

An abnormal and unhealthy attitude of a person towards food in form of change in eating habits is known as an eating disorder.A person who is suffering from an eating disorder will focus basically on their weight and shape, which makes him adopt unhealthy choices and habits in terms of food. If not treated in time, this could bring in a negative impact on work, learning, personal relationships, and of course health; to a point of fatality.

Non-Dairy High Calcium Foods

Calcium is one of the most important minerals in the human body. The body stores more than 99 percent of calcium in the bones and teeth to help make and keep them strong. It also ensures that muscles, cells, and nerves of the body work properly. Parents encourage their children to consume milk and dairy calcium products. And that is because calcium is proved to be extremely beneficial. High calcium diets are a must have for children.

sushi diet

Sushi- Healthy Super food

Sitting in office, time for lunch and thinking what to eat? Nothing could be better than sushi, which is a favoured lunch time meal for many working professionals. The Japanese are known to be among the healthiest people in the world, and they sure love their sushi. Sushi is quite a healthy meal providing many health benefits.

Danon – The Disease

Danon disease refers to weakening of the heart and skeletal muscles, along with intellectual disability. It affects men much earlier than women, and the severity is also much more in men. The symptoms of Danon disease usually start surfacing as early as one’s childhood or adolescent years in males. In females, the signs and symptoms mostly start showing in early adulthood. Danon disease life expectancy in men is 19 years, while females affected with this disease can live up to the age of 34 years. While the exact Danon disease prevalence is not known, it is a very rare condition, and as a consequence, not many doctors are aware of its diagnosis.