The recent study has revealed that in India one out of twenty eight women develop breast cancer in their life time. It is the most common cancer of all. It has ceased to be a rare condition. Today, women are more open and willing to know and understand their chances of getting breast cancer. They are keen to know and consider the factors which put them at high risk. Some women are even undertaking preventive measures against breast cancer. One such case is Angelina Jolie who underwent double mastectomy to prevent breast cancer. 

Here are some basic factors that need to be considered for breast cancer.

    • 12 Risk Factors For Breast CancerAge:  The older you get, the higher are your chances of developing breast cancer. However in India, women between the age of 20 and 30 years are also susceptible to breast cancer. This age group is 10 years lesser than other developing and developed countries. Women in their late 40’s are at very high risk.
    • Family history: There are chances of developing breast cancer if your close relatives have suffered from it. The percentage of inheriting cancer from your parents is between 5-10%. Mutations in certain genes leads to breast cancer.Early menstruation: The age at which you got your first menstrual period determines development of breast cancer. Every year that your first menstrual period is delayed, the risk of getting breast cancer is higher. Menopause decreases by 9%, and chances of post menopausal breast cancer by 4%.
    • Late menopauseContrary to the above, each year that your menopause is delayed, your risk of developing breast cancer increases by 3%, especially after 45 years. Women going through menopause at the age of 55 years are at 30% high risk than women who menopause at 45 years of age.
    • Composition of breast tissues: Density of breast tissues plays a determinable role in breast cancer. Denser the breast tissues, higher are the chances of breast cancer. Due to density, the diagnosis is delayed.
    • Pregnancy, a boon: Motherhood can save you from breast cancer as it lowers the risk of breast cancer by 30%.
    • Breastfeeding:  The more you breast feed your child, the lesser are your chances to develop breast cancer. The longer you breast feed your child lower reduces your chances of developing breast cancer by 4%.
    • Radiation Exposure: Any sort exposure to radiation for long periods leads to mutation in genes and increases their risk of breast cancer.
    • Weight loss: Obesity increases the risk of breast cancer in women. The waist to hip ratio in obese women is high which increases the chances of breast cancer as compared to women with a small waist to hip ratio.Also Read: Weight Loss Pills-An Easier Way to Shed Some Extra Pounds
    • Smoking: Percentage of smoking is observed more and more as the years go by. This makes them more prone to breast cancer.
    • Birth control pills: Birth control pill should be used for short periods of time. Studies have revealed that long term use of oral contraceptives increases their chances of developing breast cancer by 50%.
    • Hormone replacement therapy: Disturbing the nature’s balance of hormones by undergoing hormone therapy increases the mortality risk in breast cancer.

It is very important for one to know about breast cancer and its causes to avoid it effectively. Knowing is half the battle.

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