There are several reasons from the natural ones like aging to medical conditions and genetic disorders that make your lashes turn white. Careprost is a perfect option if you are looking for eye care medicine for lash growth.

Are your eyelashes turning white? Having several eyelashes turning white can be scary. If it becomes a matter of concern, it is best to take medical help. Finding white streaks that were not there on your eyelid before can be a worrying experience. You may be suffering from Poliosis; it is a condition that causes a white patch to develop on your hair. The white patch can appear either on your scalp, eyebrows or on lashes. Medical treatment can reverse the condition. Careprost – 3ml. of 0.03% increases the length and density of eyelashes in just a few weeks. Use it regularly to achieve desired outcomes. Keep reading to know more about Poliosis and how can you deal with it.

The white patch appears due to the lack of melanin in hair follicles. Melanin is a pigment which determines a person’s hair or eyelash color. The condition usually affects the hair on scalp but may also appear on any other hairy area of the body including the eyelashes and eyebrows. Poliosis itself does not cause any harm unless associated with a serious medical condition. This is why it is always important to consult a health care specialist whenever you notice the signs of poliosis.

What are the symptoms and how it appears?

Poliosis appears as a white or grey color patch/patches in any body area that has hair. You may notice it easily as it appears different from your normal hair. The condition may affect people of any age. It is also possible to have poliosis from birth.

What are the causes?

An individual may develop Poliosis because of genetic disorders such as Waardenburg syndrome, piebaldism, or tuberous sclerosis. In some cases, the condition may develop as a result of medical conditions or other conditions such as inflammatory disorders. Certain medications can also trigger the skin condition and these may include the anti-cancer drug cetuximab and the antibiotic chloramphenicol.

Also, there are reports of people experiencing Poliosis due to an extreme level of stress and pain due to a disease.

What are the conditions associated with it?

Poliosis is not harmful; however, it develops along with other medical condition that may put your health at risk. In such cases, poliosis can be an indication for a more serious health issue. Here are some health conditions that might appear along with Poliosis:

  1. Eye conditions- As per studies, Poliosis was more common in people suffering from an eye condition Uveitis. The condition includes inflammation of the eye. If a patient does not receive treatment at the right time, the eye condition may lead to serious eye conditions such as glaucoma and cataracts. Therefore, Poliosis can be an early indication for an individual to seek medical attention before a serious eye problem develop.
  2. Skin conditions- In certain cases of skin cancer, especially melanoma, Polisosis can be an early sign of this type of cancer.
  3. Inflammatory diseases- If study reports are to be believed, chronic inflammation may be a major factor in the development of many diseases associated with eyes, ears, skin and central nervous system.

Using Careprost is the safest option to achieve the growth of eyelashes. If you have Poliosis, then consult a dermatologist before using the eye drops.

What are the treatment options?

Some medical treatments can reverse the condition. These may include several sessions of laser, use of topical ointments, and daily oral medication. Treatment of Polisosis is time-consuming, and many people consider dying their white patches instead of choosing a medical treatment. Generic lattice careprost is a proven solution for growing long and dark eyelashes. The solution contains Bimatoprost which may make your lashes more voluminous and denser they were ever before.


Lack of melanin in hair follicles can cause your eyelashes to become white. Having Poliosis can trigger harmful conditions, including cancer, and inflammatory conditions. You can use careprost for more extended and darker eyelashes.

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