Eating well is not enough unless you sleep well. Yes, you are reading well, the uncomfortable sleeping positions matter a lot to your health and you should learn some sleep remedies, as they are essential to take care of your body as a whole. In some health conditions, natural sleep aids are supportive to the medication.

Why is sleeping position so important?

Sleep is essential to not only maintaining a healthy body but also repairing body cells and the overall system. Everyone should relax and take sleep between 7-9 hours to reenergize and recharge the body. If you are suffering from a health problem, then also a particular sleeping position is recommended to support the treatment process. Experts recommend a particular sleeping position that helps to the treatment of a health condition. Here are some of such natural sleep remedies that one can follow to avoid or combat health problems.

Ultimate Guide to Right Sleeping Position to avoid Health Problems

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Get relieved from menstrual pain:

During the period, women find it very difficult to sleeping comfortably. Continuous pain caused by the cramps and bloating in the lower stomach can make the condition worse. In this condition, natural sleep remedies work well to relieve menstrual pain. Women should place a pillow under the knees to reduce pressure on abdomen and back. They can also use a thick pad or rolled-up towel under the knees to ease cramps in the lower abdomen.

Sleeping position for lower back pain:

If you have a lower back pain or some sort of spasm in the back, you would find it a bit difficult to sleep comfortably. You should follow the best sleep aid, as a sleeping position can help you diagnose the condition at earliest. You should lie on your back and use three pillows – one pillow for head, one under your knees and a small pillow in the middle of your back. This position works like the natural sleeping pills that help you relieve back pain. Try to comfort your ear, shoulder, and hip and it is important to keep your spine aligned while sleeping.

Reduce a headache:

Do you know that headache can be lowered and, sometimes, treated by taking full and comfortable sleep in the right position? Yes, it happens quite naturally. Don’t leave your muscles constricted and your nerves pressed while you are sleeping. The best sleep aid for a headache would be the straight or neutral position and try to allow less movement to your head by putting rolled-up towel close to your ears. People suffering from a migraine or an acute headache should not use an uncomfortable pillow for the head and take about 8 hours of sleep in a comfortable bed to relax nerves and the whole body system.

Get rid of shoulder pain by correct sleeping position:

Shoulder pain often occurs due to lying on one side for hours, it is treated just by changing your sleeping posture. However, if you have severe shoulder pain then the sleeping position becomes more important. Use a pillow between your knees and another one between the elbows and close to your chest. This position can help you relieve shoulder pain in a few days.

Assist the treatment of cold by your sleeping position:

Those who are suffering from cold and have sinus issues should keep their head propped up while sleeping. Such sleep remedies work well to breathe in as sinuses can drain comfortably and air reaches to the back of your throat more easily. Therefore, cold or allergies are treated sooner.

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Reduce blood pressure:

Sleep apnea or continuous disruption in sleep could be a factor to increase blood pressure and disturbance in the nervous system and, it may affect the hormonal order as well. Experts don’t recommend sleep on your back in the condition of high blood pressure rather work on natural sleeping pills, as some particular sleeping postures suggest. Some researchers claim that prone position of sleeping, in which your face remains down, is helpful to ease blood pressure. However, lying on your chest for long can lead to joint, neck and back pain. You should avoid this position unless prescribed by your doctor.

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